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Big Blizzard BSW968


This is a true story about the American Storm in 1978, written by the author according to his childhood experiences. Little John, at the sight of first snow, is very excited. But the streets around him begin to change and they are not so familiar anymore. In this snow, small John slowly grow into a small hero, he put the needs of others before the needs of himself, to help the neighborhood brought back what they need.

这是一个关于1978 年美国暴风雪灾的真实故事,由作者根据自己的童年经历写成。主人公小约翰第一次见到雪,非常兴奋,但是雪越下越大,把他所熟悉的街道和房屋都掩盖在了大雪中。在这场大雪中,小约翰慢慢成长为一个小英雄,他把他人的需要放在第一位,帮邻里们带回来了他们所需要的东西。

By John Locke, Hardcover, 52 Pages, Simplified Chinese Character, 10.6"x8.2"
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