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Berenstain Bears: Daddy Always Has A Way (7 Books) BSW998


Many parents often teach children through telling and repetition. However, there is often miscommunication between parents and children. The Berenstain Bears provide context and real scenarios that children can relate to and grow their skills and knowledge. By providing a full story with a lesson, children can learn the right approach to certain situations, and consequences of their actions. Together as parent and child, you can learn about safety and morals!


Book Titles:
Looking For Honey 找蜂蜜
Learn to Ride学骑车    
Perfect Picnic 完美的野餐
Go Camping去露营
Seaside Holidays 海边假期
Tracking the Missing Pumpkin 追踪消失的南瓜
Father and Son Fishing 父子钓鱼记

By Mike Berenstain, Stan Berenstain & Jan Berenstain, Paperback, 61 Pages, Simplified Chinese characters, 9"x 6.5"
Item: Berenstain Bears: Daddy Always Has A Way (7 Books)
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