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Joey Pigza Series BSY614


Joey Pigza's got heart, he's got a mom who loves him, and he's got "dud meds," which is what he calls the Ritalin pills that are supposed to even out his wild mood swings. Sometimes Joey makes bad choices. He learns the hard way that he shouldn't stick his finger in the pencil sharpener, or swallow his house key, or run with scissors. Joey ends up bouncing around a lot - and eventually he bounces himself all the way downtown, into the district special-ed program, which could be the end of the line. As Joey knows, if he keeps making bad choices, he could just fall between the cracks for good. But he is determined not to let that happen.


Book Titles:
Swallowed the Key 吞钥匙的男孩
Loses Control 乔伊和怪爸爸

By Jack Gantos, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 202 pages, 8.25"x5.75"
Item: Joey Pigza Series
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