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Flying Faerie BYC081


The theme of "Flying Little Witch" is the emotional management of children. The Flying Witch is driving a monster office. The monster is a metaphor. Different monsters symbolize different emotions. Each volume selects an important emotional problem, expands the story, lets the child understand his emotions during the reading process, and recognizes the emotions of others. The story is wonderful, the characters are real, and the illustrations are exquisite. The emotional management for the primary school students is in line with the children's emotional problems, and the parents are helped to cultivate their good character. The book also sets up the "Doctor Uncle" section to provide professional analysis.
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Book Titles:
The Monster Firm Opens 怪兽事务所开张了
Cat & Boilar  家猫与硬壳怪
The Boy from Blue Star 来自蓝星的男孩

By Lin Xiu Sui, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 103-107 pages/book, 9.6"x6.6"
Item: Flying Faerie
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