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Red Glamour (Collectable) DYU016


A slightly different from Red Millennium, Red Glamour is a study in elegance and simplicity. Designed to celebrate the world launch of Yue-Sai Wa Wa, the fabric for Red Glamour was woven especially for her, with Yue-Sai’s name in both English and Chinese. The color red represents both joy and passion in China and is it is used on every happy occasion, whether it is a wedding or a birthday celebration. Ours is no ordinary shade of red – it was created just for the Red Glamour Doll. You might also like to know that the Chinese Mission to the United Nations chose Red Glamour as the official gift of China for the members of the U.N. in 2001. Red Glamour comes with: ONE doll, gown with shoes, doll stand. Also, your child’s doll accessories for Barbie dolls would also fit for Yue Sai Wawa.

12'' Tall, Box Size: 14.25'' x 12.5 '' x 3.5''
Item: Red Glamour (Collectable)
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