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Cherry Blossom Dreams DYU036


This is the first in the "Flowers of the Seasons" Collection. Cherry blossoms have long been a symbol of life and vitality in Asian culture. The cherry blossoms have traditionally bloomed in springtime and herald the birth of new beginnings. They adorn this Yue-Sai Wa Wa's dress in minute detail. Her outer robe is made of fine fuchsia silk with cherry blossoms covering it. The black trim of her robe magically offsets each pink flower and leaf. Circling her waist is a broad band of gorgeous matching fuchsia silk with a black embroidered band to keep it in place. Dangling from her waist is a pendant-belt of jade with a matching green tassel, under which she is wearing a pink silk gown, which is long and accented with more cherry blossoms and multi-colored flowers. This Yue-Sai Wawa comes in a sumptuously lined silk box and a deluxe display doll stand that portray her beauty elegantly and gracefully. Please note that due to the high demand and delicate nature of this item, it is non-returnable.

16.7'' Tall, Box Size: 10'' x 17.6 '' x 5''

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Item: Cherry Blossom Dreams
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