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Standard Chinese Intermediate Level SLC054

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Standard Chinese is a combination of audio, video and reading materials. It consists of a multimedia Disc A, a listening comprehension Disc B, a textbook and a workbook. Each lesson consists of four parts, texts, words, notes and exercises. Altogether there are 60 lessons in 5 volumes, dealing with 28 topics that cover various aspects of Chinese life and society. The topics are tourism, food, environment and weather, friendship, etiquette, transportation and many other topics on present day China and its people and culture. arning package provides a perfect combination of audio and visual material. The CD-ROM allows learners to study at their own pace through interactive learning methods with the best multi media support. Colorful animation and illustrations will enhance comprehension of new words and texts. Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Comes in a hard plastic protective case. Intermediate packages come in level 1, 2 and 3. Price is for each level.

1 CD-Rom; 1 MP3 Audio CD; Papeback,Part I: Textbook:214 Pages, Exercise Book: 187 Pages; Part II: Textbook:218 Pages, Exercise Book: 191 Pages; Part III: Textbook:209 Pages, Exercise Book: 275 Pages, 7.05" x 10"
Item: Standard Chinese Intermediate Level
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