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Peking Opera by Famous Singers VCA059


This DVD set collects the most popular Peking Opera productions, to give you an authentic taste of Peking Opera. You'll enjoy the plays and the incredible costumes and make up, along with some of the most famous music of China! Soon you'll be whistling the Chinese equivalents of "Carmen" and "Aida"! Vol. 1 includes collection of 1-2 and Vol. 2 includes collection of 3. Vol. 3 includes collection of 5. Price is for each volume.

DVD1 and 2:

  1. Zip the Kylin Bag
  2. At Wu's Family Slope
  3. White-snake Romance
  4. Swimming
  5. Ode to Plum
  6. Pine Praise
  7. Li Qingzhao
  8. Towering China
  9. Congratulate New Year
  10. Matchmaker
  11. Boudoir Dream
  12. Sword Launching Plan
  13. Ancient Events in Chibi
  14. Female General Mu GuiYing
  15. Legend of Taizhen
  16. Killing Baomian
  17. Dropping Celestial Flowers
  18. Princess Shangyang
  19. Zip the Kylin Bag
  20. Matchmaker
  21. Kongfu in Beijing Opera
  22. Luocheng Callling at the Mountain Pass
  23. Matchmaker for Number One Scholar
  24. Chisang Town
  25. Subdue Dapeng

DVD 3:

  1. Empty Castle Plan
  2. Lubu and Diaochan
  3. Ode to Red Plum
  4. Phoenix Back to its Nest
  5. Ertang Abandan Son
  6. Hair-attire Phonenix
  7. Xiangzi A Poor Man
  8. Bejing Opera ( in group), Colorful Spear, Celestial Flowers, Mistakes in the Flower Field
  9. So Qinang
  10. Chinese Word-Connection

DVDs, Volume 1, 2: 89'26", Volume 3: 46'18",
Item: Peking Opera by Famous Singers
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