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The Sight of China (6 DVDs) VVC094


Renowned for its grand mountains and elegant waterscape, the grand natural landscape in China boasts the magnificent Chinese culture with thousands of years history.



01 黄山 Mt Huangshan
02 香格里拉 Shangri-La
03 五彩黄龙 Yellow Dragon's Colors
04 火山奇观:长白山 Changbaishan: Volcanic Mountain Extraordinaire
05 峰林:张家界 Zhangjiajie: Forest of Mountains
06 大自然馈赠世界的礼物:九寨沟 The Miracles of Jiuzhaigou: Nature's Gift to China & the World

6 DVDs, 52 Minutes/DVD, Mandarin Chinese and English with Chinese and English Subtitles, NTSC
Item: The Sight of China (6 DVDs)
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