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Chinese Business Etiquette (5 DVDs) VVL091


Chinese Business Etiquette helps foreign businessmen do better business in China. This product introduces Chinese business etiquette to foreign businessmen to help them gain a better understanding of Chinese business culture. It assists foreign businessmen overcome the problems in cross-cultural communication in comparative perspective. It provides some basic Chinese expressions that foreign businessmen need in business activities in China. It is presented in English with introductions by the presenter, interview with senior officials of foreign enterprises in China and related business scenes. It consists of 5 DVDs, each focusing on one topic. There are 34 episodes in total with 10 minutes for each episode. Please view the table of content.

《中国商务礼仪》是专为海外商务人士更好地在华或涉华从事商务活动而编制的音像产品。本产品面向海外商务人士,介绍中国的商务礼仪,帮助加深对中国商务文化的了解。 从文化比较的视角出发,帮助海外商务人士跨越其在对华工作中可能面临的跨文化交际障碍 帮助海外商务人士学会并掌握一些商务活动中所需的基本的汉语表达方法。 全英文讲解,既有主持人的讲述,也有对一些在华企业高管的访谈,同时还提供与主题相关的商务活动场景。 全套产品共5盘DVD,每盘一个主题,全片总计34集,每集时长约为10分钟。请参阅详细中文目录.

5 DVDs, Region-Free, Mac OSX, Windows
Item: Chinese Business Etiquette (5 DVDs)
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