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Tom & Jerry 2 (DVD) - Bilingual VVT017

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Hanna and Barbara's Tom and Jerry films are the epitome of the Hollywood cartoon. They took a simple premise and added funny gags and great animation to create a perfect entertainment series. The characters in and of themselves are funny: they mangy gray cat Tom, the innocent yet wise mouse Jerry. Both are obsessed: one will do anything to catch his prey, the other will do anything to survive. A typical ''Tom & Jerry'' is anything but typical. Tom chases Jerry out west, under a Christmas tree, at the beach, under water, on the golf course and in a bowling alley, among many locations. Jerry is befriended by bulldogs, muscle-bound cousins, lions and elephants! Enjoy! This compilation DVD contains the following titles: The Bodyguard; Puttin' on the Dog; Mouse Trouble; Mouse Comes to Dinner; Mouse in Manhattan; Tee for Two; Flirty Birdy; Quiet, Please; Springtime for Thomas; The Milky Waif; Trap Happy; Solid Serenade; Cat Fishin'; Part Time Pal; The Cat Concerto and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse. Bilingual in Mandarin and English, with concealed subtitles in simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

DVD, English and Mandarin, Concealed Subtitles in Regular and Simplified Characters, Approx 50 Min.
Item: Tom & Jerry 2 (DVD) - Bilingual
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