My First Word Book about School

There are over 300 familiar words in this delightfully illustrated book about school. Words such as ‘playground’, ‘desk’ and ‘friends’ are arranged in themes to introduce children to different events in the school day from the playground to the classroom, maths, words and art. Perfect for sharing withlittle ones before their first day at school.


My First Word Book about Nature

From squirrels and hedgehogs to sea horses and star fish, there are over 200 familiar words for children to discover and talk about in this delightful word book. Each word is accompanied by a friendly illustration, and the words are grouped into themes such as woodland animals, birds, flowers and plants and on the shore.


My First Word Book about Me

Over 270 words relating to the body and the movements it makes, the clothes children wear, and the world around them. Young children can discover and learn lots of new vocabulary by spotting and talking about the illustrated words on themed pages which include 'Things I wear', 'What I can do', and 'Where I live'.


My First Word Book about Food

A delightfully illustrated book of over 250 food words, both new and familiar, from apple to aubergine, and lentils to lasagne. Each page has a different theme such as fruit, vegetables, at the bakery and food at home, plus there’s a page on foods from around the world. A lovely way for children to talk about different foods and learn new words.


First Word Book on the Farm

There are over 250 farm-related words for children to discover and learn in this delightfully illustrated word book. Words are arranged in themes such as farm animals, in the farmhouse, food from the farm and things that go. Each word is brought to life with a colorful illustration. With sturdy board pages designed to withstand being read and talked about time and time again.



My First Word Book about Things That Go

A simple word book which introduces first words to name trucks, cars, trains and other things that go. Little children need to learn a huge amount of vocabulary before they start to read, and one of the best ways to help them is to share books with them.