English Description:


Whitefish Xiaojiu 

In the icy-Arctic waters, the white whale mother nurtured her daughter-Xiaojiu, in addition to love, she gave Xiaojiu a "free" attribute. When changes occurred at her life, Xiaojiu had to face her fate, she bought her mother's most precious gifts to mankind, and also passed to her offspring.


Courageous Journey of the Little Turtles

Turtles mother returned to the sea after she gave birth to 100 baby turtle eggs, then the baby turtles started beginning their journey of life. Cheetah, ants would come to attack them. After breaking out the egg shell, they still need to pass many different levels of issues alone...... Another circle of life, when sea turtle sister was back to her birthplace to give birth to a baby, a new journey of life starts again.


King Penguins Lucky Stars

When a little penguin was still inside an egg, was she making a wish to the sky? Dad said: "one, two, three ...... oh, little star, please bless my little baby." Day by day, the little penguins hatched, her dad and mum became her windshield, feed her food...... Finally, the little penguin became a beautiful young lady penguin, where is her lucky star?


The First Class of the Small Hermit Crab

The early morning sun was urging the small hermit crab to go to school, the small hermit crab’s horizon was broadened by the deep sea marine school, he even helped my father have a small hippocampus...... went for a walk under sunset at the beach, the small hermit crab had a full of words to share with friends.


Mermaid Makeover

The Little Mermaid heard Shark is the overlord of the ocean, then she begged for Poseidon to fulfill her wishes, but she can not stand all day fight, she wanted Poseidon to turn her into a beautiful and quiet coral, but being a coral who could not swim everywhere that could be so bored...... who is the Little Mermaid going to be in the end?


The Whale Song

The small humpback whales wanted to participate in singing contest, but his mother thought he was too young, but the small humpback whales was eager to grow and prove himself with his voice to the world that he had grown up.