Mandarin Hip Hop 嘻哈说唱学汉语

Vol.1 Content 目錄

Lesson 1 Repeat with me 跟我说
Lesson 2 Listen together 大家一起听
Lesson 3 Speak and write 说说写写
Lesson 4 My body 我的身体
Lesson 5 Where are the eyes? 眼睛在哪里
Lesson 6 The head is high 头顶高
Lesson 7 The trains are coming 火车来了
Lesson 8 Go upstairs 上楼梯
Lesson 9 Our school 我们的学校
Lesson 10 Fruit offering 请吃水果
Lesson 11 To catch the tigers 打老虎
Lesson 12 Six six thirty-six 六六三十六
Lesson 13 A big plane 大飞机
Lesson 14 Sign language 喊口令
Lesson 15 My good friend 我的好朋友
Lesson 16 Ten good children 十个好孩子
Lesson 17 You are right 你对了
Lesson 18 Exit and entrance 出口和入口
Lesson 19 COCONUT 椰子
Lesson 20 Uncles and aunts 叔叔阿姨
Vocabulary 生词表


Vol.2 Content 目錄

Lesson 1 Class begins 上课了 
Lesson 2 Question words 问一问 
Lesson 3 How do we say it in Mandarin? 普通话怎么说? 
Lesson 4 Drivinig a train 开火车 
Lesson 5  Two tigers 两只老虎 
Lesson 6 Clap little hands 拍拍小手 
Lesson 7 Thanks for the compliment 谢谢 
Lesson 8 Cutting your fingernails 剪剪指甲 
Lesson 9 What is the time? 几点了? 
Lesson 10 Please help me 请帮我 
Lesson 11 Happy birthday to you 生日快乐 
Lesson 12 Very Delicious 很好吃 
Lesson 13 Little goldfish 小金鱼 
Lesson 14 What day is today? 今天星期几 
Lesson 15 Where is the eraser? 橡皮在哪里? 
Lesson 16 Tidy up 收拾干净 
Lesson 17 Christmas tree 圣诞树 
Lesson 18 Making a telephone call 打电话 
Lesson 19 New Year greetings 拜年 
Lesson 20 What grade are you in? 几年级 
Vocabulary 生词表


Vol.3 Content 目錄

Lesson 1 My name 我的名字
Lesson 2 Nothing to fear 天不怕﹐地不怕
Lesson 3 You ask and 1 wilI answer 你問我答
Lesson 4 Stop!Look!Listen! 停﹗看﹗聽﹗
Lesson 5 Just right 剛剛好
Lesson 6 Little stars 小星星
Lesson 7 Counting frogs 數青蛙
Lesson 8 Song of measure words 量詞歌
Lesson 9 May I please? 可以嗎﹖
Lesson 10 Scissorsrock and paper 剪刀﹑石頭﹑紙
Lesson 11 My friends are here 我的朋友在這裡
Lesson 12 The global person 地球人
Lesson 13 Where do you live? 你家住哪兒
Lesson 14 Eastwestsouth and north 東西南北
Lesson 15 Poinf and show 指一指
Lesson 16 Stroke order song 筆順歌
Lesson 17 A strong sailor 大力水手
Lesson 18 Good manners 你要不要﹖
Lesson 19 Eat healthily 吃得健康
Lesson 20 Time is up 時間到
Vocabulary 生詞表



Vol.4 Content 目录

Lesson 1 声调   

Lesson 2 单韵母   

Lesson 3 复韵母   

Lesson 4 综合韵()   

Lesson 5 综合韵()   

Lesson 6 鼻韵母   

Lesson 7 部件   

Lesson 8 二十个部首   

Lesson 9 新年到   

Lesson 10 端午节   

Lesson 11 中秋节   

Lesson 12 爱护动物   

Lesson 13 阿里山上   

Lesson 14 书包不见了   

Lesson 15 数到十   

Lesson 16 买东西   

Lesson 17 别生气   

Lesson 18 三轮车   

Lesson 19 中国地名   

Lesson 20 中国朝代