Vol. 1

The Moon Represents my Heart 月亮代表我的心, Where is Spring 春天在哪里, Song and Smile 歌声与微笑, Jasmine Flower 茉莉花, Aobao Date 敖包相会, Oh Sea! Hometown 大海呀 故乡, Sow Suns 种太阳, Why are Flowers so Red 花儿为什么这样红, Sweet 甜蜜蜜, The Lucky Family 吉祥三宝, The Cart Driver's Song 马车夫之歌, The Kangding Town's Love Song 康定情歌, Alamuhan 阿拉木汗, Hometown 家乡, Night Willow Herb 夜来香, Love's Dedication 爱的奉献;


Vol. 2

Little Grass 小草, In that Faraway Place 在那遥远的地方, Good People will be Safe and Sound Throughout Their Lives 好人一生平安, Missing You 思念, Missing the Hometown 乡恋, Please Come to Tianyahai Jiao 请到天涯海角来, September 9th's Liquor 九月九的酒, I Wish you be Safe and Sound 祝你平安, Mom's Kiss 妈妈的吻, My Deskmate 同桌的你, Bingtang Hulu 冰糖葫芦, Go Home Often and See Your Family 常回家看看, Small Country Road 乡间的小路, Girl's Mind, You Don't Guess 女孩的心思男孩你别猜, Have the Same Song 同一首歌, Chinese Kungfu 中国功夫