Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 1 - Greetings and Self-introduction 打招呼與自我介紹

Unit 1 Getting to Know Chinese Pronunciation 認識中文發音

Unit 2 Chinese for You and Me 你我他

Unit 3 Daily Chinese 生活必背句

Unit 4 Love at First Sight 一見鍾情

Unit 5 Me 我

Unit 6 Let’s Work Out 身體動一動

Unit 7 The Characters “人” and “日”  人 和 日

Unit 8 Asking for Directions 問路篇

Unit 9 Blog 博客

Unit 10 Chinese Gourmet: Noodles! 來喫麵吧﹗

Chinese Names & Introduction Courtesy/City Focus: Taipei 華人姓氏禮儀/ 台北