Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 4 - Interests and Hobbies 周末你喜欢做什么?

Unit 1 Changes of Tones 聲調的變化

Unit 2 Looking at Hobbies 嗜好

Unit 3 Making Conversation 聊天

Unit 4 Bragging 說大話

Unit 5 At the Theater 電影院

Unit 6 Talking about Hobbies 說說嗜好

Unit 7 The Character 看

Unit 8 Asking for Directions Part 4 問路篇(四)

Unit 9 An Assortment of Beverages 各式各樣飲料

Unit 10 E-mail 伊妹兒

Chinese Leisure Activites 華人的娛樂時間