Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 7 - Expressing Emotions 什么事情那么开心?

Unit 1 Pinyin Combining Exercise 拼音練習

Unit 2 Emotions 喜怒哀樂

Unit 3 Express Emotions 表達心情

Unit 4 Mood Swings 心情起伏

Unit 5 Dreams of Stardom 明星夢

Unit 6 Studying Beijing Opera 學學京劇

Unit 7 The Character 心

Unit 8 Going Shopping Part 1 購物篇(一)

Unit 9 Food That Brings Good Fortune 吉利食物

Unit 10 An Easy Come, Easy Go Attitude Toward Money 月光族

The Emotions of Beijing Opera/ Traditional Chinese Clothes 京劇中的喜怒哀樂/中國傳統服飾