Live Interactive Chinese Vol. 14 - Essential Chinese for Campus Life 校园生活中文精华句

Picture Dictionary:  The Campus 校園

Five Essential Sentences:  Happy School Life 快樂校園生活

Sentence Patterns:  Practical Sentences Used on Campus 校園實用句

Comic Corner:  Tom’s Chinese Class 湯姆的中文課

3D Theater:  Summer Fun at the Beach 暑假海灘趣

Sitcom:  Ajiao’s Job Interview 阿嬌打工面試記

Talk Show:  A Shuanghuang Performance 唱雙簧

The Story of Chinese Characters:  The Character “手” 

Live Reading:  The Magic Club Is Recruiting! 魔術社招生

What’s Hot:  Burning the Midnight Oil 開夜車

Cultural Window:  Learning Chinese as a Second Language in Taiwan 老外來台經驗談