The contents of this book are as follows:

1. Intertranslation between Pinyin and English without teaching Chinese characters.
Many learners do not hope to spend a large amount of time studying Chinese characters at the beginning of their study. For that reason, this book does not contain contents of character-teaching, but adopts intertranslation between Pinyin and English. This helps beginners quickly achieve their purpose of communication and develop more interests in learning during this process.

2. The use of English approximation of Pinyin and real-person pronunciation.
English approximation of Pinyin is provided at the end of each chapter of this book, which helps beginners to adjust quickly. At the same time, this book also includes a disk of real-person pronunciation to assist learners in correcting pronunciation at any time and quickly grasp the pronunciation of Mandarin.

3. The study of hot topics which will come in handy after the study!
15 most commonly-seen ordinary life scenes included in this book are hot daily topics that every beginner needs to learn. Relevant life and culture knowledge extended from these topics will help learners quickly understand the current situation of China. Key words and phrases of each topic are summarized and made into sentences, and the sentences are then made into dialogues. After the study of each of the hot topics, learners will be able to apply their knowledge to real-life conversations and perform communication. Everything is convenient and easy to understand, and will come in handy immediately after the study!

4. Easy-to-understand grammar tips.
Chinese grammar is complicated and variable, which is somewhat difficult for beginners to comprehend. This book adopts the method of analyzing grammar strictly according to the text, and explains grammar with the simplest language in order to help learners fast understand and use the language.

5. Stickers of commonly-used vocabulary that create a Chinese language environment.
Language learners are often troubled by how to enhance memory. Only by using the language repeatedly can one truly master it. In order to help learners to memorize vocabulary easily, we made delicate stickers so that learners can stick them to daily-used things and learn Chinese vocabulary whenever they are using these things.