Content 目录


Volume 1 第一册


Sun: Hou Yi Shoots Down the Suns 日:后羿射日

Moon: Chang’e Escapes to the Moon 月:嫦娥奔月

Wood: The Ink Permeates Three cm Deep into the Wood 木:入木三分

Mountain: The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains 山:愚公移山

Seedling: Pulling the Seedling to Assist in Their Growth 苗:拔苗助长

Water: Da Yu Controlled the Flood 水:大禹治水

Melon: Pigsy Steals the Watermelon 瓜:猪八戒吃西瓜

Fruit: Reaping What One Has Sown 果:自食其果


Volume 2 第二册


Cow: Play the Lute before a Cow 牛:对牛弹琴

Sheep: Su Wu Tended the Sheep羊:苏武牧羊

Deer: Cover the Deer with Palm Leaves as a Self-deceit鹿:蕉鹿自欺

Hare: Sitting by a Stump, Waiting for another Careless Hare 兔:守株待兔

Bird: Bird that Starts at the Mere Twang of a Bowstring 鸟:惊弓之鸟

Sparrow: The Sparrows Paying a Debt of Gratitude 雀:黄雀报恩

Fish: A Fish Stranded in a Dry Rut 鱼:涸辄之鲋

Rat: Hesitate to Pelt a Rat for Fear of Smashing the Dishes beside It 鼠:投鼠忌器


Volume 3 第三册


Sky: Pan Gu Divides the Sky and the Earth 天:盘古开天辟地

Man: The Man in the State of Qi Is Worried that the Sky Might Collapse 人:杞人忧天

Big: The Ludicrous Conceit of the People in Yelang 大:夜郎自大

Stand: Standing in the Snow before Cheng’s Gate 立:程门立雪

Son: Master Yanzi on a Mission to Chu 子:晏子使楚

Woman: Goddess Nvwa Mending the Sky 女:女娲补天

Father: Sun Yuanjue Gave Advice to His Father 父:孙元觉劝父

Mother: Meng’s Mother Moved Houses Thrice 母:孟母三迁