EQ Picture Books Vol.8 Dealing With Negative Emotions English Descriptions


Luna and the Big Blur


Luna figures it's bad enough having a weird name like Luna - now, to make matters worse, she has to wear glasses! Or maybe she doesn't.Most kids hate wearing glasses, and they'll all enjoy the hilarious mishaps that Luna experiences when she decides she won't wear hers. In this lighthearted story, enlivened by Morris' loopy, irresistible images, Luna's father helps her learn to feel good about herself instead of focusing on her nearsightedness.


Mookey The Monkey


Mookey, the Monkey was born with no fur, not a single hair. His family loves to pat his smooth head and make him fun clothes. But when he starts school, some of his classmates stare and giggle and call him "Baldy." Mookey thinks acquiring fur is the answer, but his attempts don't work out the way he imagines. At the urging of the wise owl, Mookey visits his jungle friends, who offer helpful ideas for dealing with teasing - and help him realize his own strengths.


Tibby Tried It


In this fable about coping with a physical disability, Tibby is a bird with a crooked wing who will never be able to fly. Undeterred, Tibby cheerfully travels around the forest, where he meets a variety of animals who teach him how to climb, slither, hop, and maneuver in other ways. And when Tibby uses his new-found abilities to save a baby robin, he becomes a hero.


Little Tree


Written for children who have experienced life-challenging illnesses or accidents, this sensitive and healing story of a little tree that loses some of its branches in a storm should appeal to children facing many different challenges. In this illustrated second edition, Little Tree experiences the fear, self-blame and worry common to many children dealing with serious medical problems, but she learns that she still has strengths, abilities and resources for living a fruitful and happy life.