Nine Color Deer: Good beautiful desert oasis Jiu Selu is a variety of small animals, the protection of God, where there is suffering, where she will appear. Line of Western missions in the desert caravan encountered a storm and lost, Jiu Selu for them to open up new roads. A snake man fell into the water, Jiu Selu rescue him. Jiu Selu shelter small animals reminded her to avoid being betrayed humanity. Good Jiu Selu disagree. Later, due to living in the palace of the queen Jiu Selu spotted fur, snake unscrupulous people, led by the king's army to capture Jiu Selu. Snake trick to lure people to make Jiu Selu fooled, Jiu Selu knowing that there is danger, but still to save first.


Tadpoles Looking for Mom: Spring Frog mother gave birth to a group of small baby in the pool water. Soon, the baby becomes a little tadpole. Tadpoles see friends chick and her mother dearly, very envious. I decided to find her mother. Small tadpoles to meet small animals to find out what it was like her mother, shrimp father said it had two big eyes, small tadpoles results found goldfish, goldfish it has a white belly, the results of small tadpoles crab wrong again as mother. Tadpoles way to find out the way to find, find, and own looked like a catfish. However, the residence does not punch them angry catfish. Mother Frog eventually rescued them.


The Proud General: General victorious return, cocky. The celebration, the crowd of generals blindly touted praise. A good diners flattering compliment that the world is a hero, generals belong to the first. Since then, the general peacefulness Fuchu, general eat all day long, no martial arts training. Results increasingly fat, potbellied. General martial arts lost, only to end up people laugh. In the day of his birthday, patrons brought him "the first hero," the plaque. Unfortunately, the enemy soldiers to the siege. General hurried to call people to fight, but soldiers had fled. General only without a fight, no longer proud not up.


Reed Pipe: Scorching summer, a small boy across the back of the bull, blowing flute, leisurely across the river. Moody leaning on a tree resting, unwittingly fell asleep. A dream, he saw his buffalo disappeared in the mountains in the hazy distance, any how he did not call back. Shepherd quickly find, finally we found the stone bridge falls under the repose of buffalo. He wanted to pull back to the cow, but that cow broke free of him, run away. Helpless boy made difficult. Finally, he found a strange bamboo, and pick and choose a piece of bamboo. Piccolo shepherd whittled it and blew the melodious song, heard the familiar whistle Mother buffalo come.


Deer Bell: When a deer play with Mom and Dad attacked by an eagle, deer panic to escape, he was injured. Into the mountain herbs grandfather and granddaughter rescued two wounded deer. The little girl home with attentive care deer, inseparable from the two help each other and forged a deep affection. One day, the little girl and grandfather mountain herbs with deer, deer suddenly met a long-lost parents. Deer going home with their parents, deer and two little girls reluctantly. Parting on the occasion, the little girl brought the usual favorite bell hanging on the deer's neck.


The Snow Child: Is a traditional classic tale, in a basic sense warned in life than children, but also reflects the Chinese nation and for humanity, good moral character.

Ice and snow outside the window, a small rabbit home because there is a fire very warm. Mother Rabbit ready to go out to look for food, a small rabbit clamoring should go, rabbit mother worried he was cold cold, give him a heap of snow child, to accompany him to play with.

Snow piled a good child, mother and two well-dressed a lot of it, a small rabbit with a beautiful playmates, no longer crying mothers keep a look for turnips. White Rabbit and snow children became good friends, a lot of fun in the valley.

Tired little rabbit go home to sleep, but a fire unexpectedly, the little white rabbit trapped in the cabin, the snow children in order to save a good friend, rushed to break into flames.

Small rabbit saved, the snow was a child of the Great grilled, a small rabbit woke up, leaving tears of sorrow.

This according to "snow child" cartoon adaptation of the picture book, the use of high-definition motion picture made for readers permanent collection.


Three Monks:  A boy is a boy, two boys half a boy, three boys ......

There was once a mountain, the mountain there was a temple, the temple before the arrival of a young monk, his daily diving, chanting, Qiaomu Yu, he lived peacefully comfortable. Soon, the temple came a high monk, they went to carry water, chanting together, Qiaomu Yu together, life is pretty harmonious. Later, the temple came a fat monk. They who do not want to carry water, the results of three monks no water to drink, the day could not have. This is how to do it? They drink water it? Finally, how to solve this problem of fetching water it?


The Mindless and The Not-Happy:  "Mindless" Remember what a discount, groggy built 999 layers of the Children's Palace, yet the elevator to forget; "happy" to any of his temper, the stage play "Wu Song Tiger" in the tiger He is not happy, how Wu also "playing dead" Tiger. These two vivid characters and vivid jokes to make generations of readers laugh break belly.

Any Rongrong said: "The role have come from life, he is the 'mindless', often confused, however, in the Children's Palace and children together, the story has suddenly ran out of their own children in particular. Yes, later publishing house also heard that they let me write it down, I was in a cafe less than half an hour to write out.


Ma Liang the Magic Brush:  This is a picture book based on the cartoon "Magic Pen" adaptation. A long time ago, a man named Ma Liang child likes to draw, but he was so poor that can not afford a pen. But Marion was not discouraged, he used tree branches, charcoal hard to study painting, he learned the extraordinary Painting, but he wants to have a dream of their own pen.

Finally, a white beard Lao Shenxian gave a pen Ma Liang. This is the branch of God pen, what painting can become true. Ma Liang with a pen, for the poor people drew cattle, Rakes, livestock. Pen attracted a lot of people jealous, no one do not want to have this God pen. Ma Liang with these bad guys wits story began.



The Story of Avanti:  Avanti is a symbol of justice, wisdom, and his abhorrence of evil, and love the record straight. Sell ​​shade of Pakistan by master, the king wiseacre, greedy Justice, unruly prince ...... these oppress the people, greedy treacherous villain eventually punished by the Avanti, got an unexpected reward.

  "Affan Story Collection mention "With animated HD picture as a material, through the classic film elements and modern technology, the highest technology make the perfect combination of the classic artists of the older generation of the famous full show to the audience.   "Avanti story "won:   Ministry of Culture Award for outstanding art pieces   Chicago International Children's Film Festival prize   Chinese film "Hundred Flowers Award" Best Art Film Award   National Minority Films "Dragon Award" art film prize

Sanmao:  Is the comic artist Zhang Leping startlingly ambitious, this monumental work has been produced in the country had a great impact, the protagonist of the work of generations of readers Sanmao is familiar with our favorite characters.

San Mao has been filmed and the screen five times, public opinion considered it worthy of Chaplin's "The Kid in mind," comparable to film history in China occupies an important position.