Features and Functions of IQChinese Go Courseware








Simplified and Traditional Characters



Each CD provides 10 lessons in traditional and simplified Chinese characters.
Learn both styles by comparing the differences in each lesson.









Text: Chant



Research shows that academic material is easier learned in when presented in a musical format. The “Chant” function gives you the option to hear the Chinese text sung or spoken with no music. 









Text: Reading



Reading is the “text” of the lesson. Reading is built around useful and common themes that can be used in everyday conversation.









Mouse-over Character



The “mouse-over” Chinese character feature allows Pinyin to stay hidden from the text until needed, thus reinforcing character recognition and less reliance on Pinyin. This feature is used throughout Mandarin Basics.









Text: Dialog



Dialog is a way to develop the skills to communicate by asking and answering questions. Each sentence in the dialog can be clicked to hear the sentence spoken aloud.









Text: Sentence Pattern



Sentence Pattern clearly demonstrates how to increase one’s communication ability by substituting vocabulary within sentences.









Drill: Word Builder



Word Builder is the heart of learning Chinese by typing. Immediately begin to read and use Chinese characters. Characters are introduced and must be learned with correct Pinyin and tone mark by typing. Pronunciation of each character follows successful typing.









Drill: Sentence Builder



Sentence Builder lets you use individual characters in commonly used words and phrases. Automatically takes newly acquired vocabulary and puts it to communicative use.









Exercise: Word Game



Word Game uses visual clues such as a radical plus a radical to test character knowledge. Once answers have been typed using Pinyin, characters appear in a printable format to be used as flashcards.









Exercise: Sentence Quiz



Sentence Quiz provides four different formats to practice and test your Chinese: 1. Audio and characters 2. Characters only. 3. Audio only. 4. Selecting similar looking characters.









Exercise: Teacher’s Assignment



Teacher’s Assignment is a keypad/grid that allows the student to practice typing horizontally or vertically using the characters from the current lesson or previous lessons.









Summary Reports



Provides immediate feedback on the student’s performance, such as spelling accuracy, typing speed, tones, number of characters tested, number of sentences tested, allowing the learner to easily determine where to focus and improve at a quicker rate than traditional Chinese language programs.












Learners can access each lesson’s vocabulary as well as previous lessons to review characters, word definition, tone marks, and hear a native speaker’s pronunciation with the click of a button.