Chinese Embroidery/Chinese Silk showcases the origin of Chinese silk and the growth of the Silk Road as well as how Chinese embroidery began and flourished since the time of the Ming and Qing dynasty.

Chinese Papercuts/Chinese Kites illustrates the history of Chinese paper cuts and how Chinese kites came into being.

Chinese Peking Opera/Chinese Traditional Painting vividly describes the development of Chinese Beijing Opera, focusing on the Introduction of facial painting, aria, prop and the appearance of an actor in humorous and plain language. Chinese traditional painting is an art of Chinese profound culture which is independent of other fine arts in the world.

Puppet/Leather Silhouette Show shows the development of Chinese puppets through Chinese Puppet Festival, this folk was favorite of Chinese emperors and aristocrats. It is the typical of Chinese culture. Chinese Leather Silhouette Show enjoys great popularity in most areas of China. The DVD records the workmanship of Chinese leather silhouette show and the performances of it so that the audiences can learn the development and current situation of it in depth.

Chinese Figures & Chinese Pottery/Porcelain introduces the development of Chinese clay figurines and its forms of arts. Marco Polo spent 24 years in China and brought many curious treasures back to European countries. He told people stories about Chinese pottery and porcelain. The second part displays the black pottery, Jun porcelain, Jingdezhen porcelain, brown earth pottery and porcelain carvings from these times which are regarded as national treasures.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Wushu Chinese medicine is proud of its long history. Thousands of years of development has made it a perfect regime and ways of preserving health. Chinese Wushu or Kungfu is considered as the quintessence of China. This documentary introduces the development of Chinese Kungfu, including its different styles, weapons and the legends of Shaolin Kungfu in China