A Passage to the Heart, by Amy Klatzkin

A Passage to the Heart: Writings from Families with Children from China brings together 100 articles by adoptive parents and adoption and medical professionals from across the United States, Canada and Britain. It’s a collaborative effort by more than two dozen chapters of FCC and similar adoptive-family support groups in three countries. More than 150 people donated their work or their time to this volume, which so far has raised close to $20,000 for children living in orphanages in China. Each purchase benefits both the Amity Foundation (www.fccny.org/oaa.asp) and the Foundation for Chinese Orphanages (www.thefco.org), which have been working to improve orphanage conditions in many Chinese provinces for years.

The book covers all aspects of adopting from China--from the emotionally charged period of waiting to adopt, through the adoption journey, settling in as a new or enlarged family, specific issues of health and development in young children adopted from China, the special rewards and challenges of adopting children over the age of one and of single parenting, perspectives on adoption from China from inside and outside the adoption community, the loaded issues of culture, language, identity, and race, accounts of going back to China after adopting, and, finally, a look down the road of adoptive family life at issues that don’t come up in families formed the “usual” way.

The voices in Passage are fresh, direct, and informed. Read original research by Kay Johnson and her Chinese colleagues--the world’s top authorities on adoption and abandonment in China. Get advice from renowned physicians Dana Johnson, Jerri Ann Jenista, and others who specialize in international adoption. Enjoy personal accounts from parents about the joys of adopting and the challenges and triumphs of parenting children from China. Get new perspectives from people who live nearby or an ocean away. Above all, connect with families like yours and be part of a vibrant network of support among Families with Children from China.

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