To my daughter Blake, the day we met, by Todd Giles

Todd, father of two adopted children Blake-lyn and Bailey, wrote a moving poem when he received referral of Blake in 1995. Since Todd and Tammy at that time were still very young (24 and 30), they knew they would receive a referral of a special needs child. Blake is deaf. They feel so blessed with their children they have adopted. Blake and Bailey are happy and healthy children. They attend local Chinese school. China is now and will forever be part of this growing family.

To my daughter Blake, the day we met.

On the 9th day of February 1995, something wonderful arrived which changed our lives.  A knock on the door unlike any other day transformed our world in many, many ways.

A courier arrived with a package for us
your mom ripped it open in a frenzied rush. 

What she found brought a tear to her eyes.
It was a picture of you, what a surprise!

She rushed to the phone without a minute to waste
and called me your dad and said we've got Blake.

I ran to my truck with my thoughts running wild.
I could not belive it we've got our child.

Arriving at home, I ran to the door,
opened up and almost fell to the floor.

In her hand was a photo so small but so clear,
the girl of our dreams was finally here.

You had dark shining black hair and deep brown eyes.
From a far off land we will travel the skies.

Your face like an angel, your smile so sweet.
I thank God for the day we will meet.

Blake, my dear my life long friend,
I'll cross the world from end to end.

I love you darling.

Daddy's near,
and in a few more days you'll be here.

I love my girl by all which is true.
My thoughts and dreams are all of you.

A special girl, a gift from above,
from this day forward I pledge my love.