Li Jie's Mother's Day Poem '98 By Joyce Morse

Dedicated with love to my mother, Julia Solomon

Today they came for the babies
Smiles filled every room
Sounds of love and laughter
Covered up my gloom.
Each little one was cherished
Taken till there were none
No one even noticed me
I'm already one.

Today more babies were taken,
I had even held a few
I stood by the door unnoticed,
Unwanted because I'm two.

Today more babies left for home
With a loving mom and dad
My heart was feeling heavy
I didn't know to call it "sad"
I only wanted someone special to come
And to select me

No one did today
After all I'm already three.

Once more pictures are being taken
Tears of joy abound
As babies leave the orphanage
With the parents they had found.

Grown-ups smiled at me as they entered
(I was standing by the door)
But no one took me by the hand
I'm already four.

I'm five now
And I can understand
The parents who come and go here
Only stop and hold my hand.
They tell me that I'm pretty.
They tell me I am bright.
Kind words…
But all I want is a mom
Dad to kiss me every night.

At six hopes springs alive again
My best friend finds a home.
But now the pain is worsening,
I feel so small
Quite alone.

I'm seven now
I've even started school.
I understand what's happening
I'm no one's little fool.

People want the babies.
The ones who cry at night
Are still better than
A seven year old
Even if I'm bright.

At eight, I wonder about a family,
One I could call my own
Where I'd be a special daughter
A pretty little home.

I stand before the camera
My smile shining bright
I know I'll never be picked out
So I've settled for my plight.

The people here are good to me
You can see it in my eyes.
But still I long for a family…
Like a sportsman for a prize.

Today they came for the babies
I heard the laughter abound
When Director Li took me aside
She said my family finally has been found.

Two people in the USA
An entire world apart,
Have been looking for a daughter
A girl
Not two, not three,
They wanted someone special
They say that it is me.

Now I study English, to learn to say "hello",
I wonder about my mama and papa
Can they learn to say "Ni hao"?
Will my family be smiling?
Will they laugh and beam at me?
Will I understand their life?
Will they really cherish me?

Eight is supposed to be so big,
But I'm feeling small and very cold.
Waiting for my mama
Will she be young or old?
When I'm with my papa
Will he take me by my hand?
As I explore the world about me
In a strange new land?

A woman is approaching
She looks as scared as me
And then we hug each other
As it was meant to be.

Carried not under her heart,
But in it for so long,
Her tears of joy rush over me
Her foreign words a song.

My family is waiting
We fly the world across
To meet my pretty elder sister
My papa who seems lost.

My new family's quite unusual,
But I don't feel at a loss
There are so many people, two dogs, five cats,
And of course
There is a horse!

My life and heart are full now
But I look back
Deep in thought
Remembering the others
The families they have sought.
Please Lord don't forget them,
Those children of your heart,
I hope you send them families
Of which to be a part.

My story is not over
In fact, it's just begun,
I feel even more special now,
I'm eight
You know
not one.

Copyright 5/10/98
May be reprinted with permission of the author, click here.