FREE E-Cards

Do you want to send your friends E-cards that have Chinese motifs? ChinaSprout's unique E-cards are created from traditional patterns and ChinaSproutís products. Different from popular E-card sites, our cards allow your friends and loved ones to see the cards immediately when they open their e-mail messages. They don't have to click on anything to jump to another website in order to view the card! Now that is called convenience! Best of all, it's FREE!

To send a card, click on any of the following cards and fill out the information on the next screen. Our categories include:



Father's Day Series

Moon Festival Series

Holiday Series

We would also highly appreciate it if you could provide us with any feedback and suggestions on how we can improve ChinaSprout E-Cards.

Note: ChinaSproutís E-cards are created for personal usage and are copyright protected. All rights in such material are reserved to and materials may not be reused in any way or copied in whole or part for commercial purposes without prior written permission from ChinaSprout.