We have created website links to help our visitors learn more about China. These sites contain a wide range of information on Chinese culture, language, heritage and regions/cities where adoptive children come from. Using Chinese search engines, we have located excellent websites that focus on China. We will continue adding new links an ongoing basis. Please keep an eye on the Links, and give us any recommendations for linking to other sites

About China

China Introduction
An encyclopedia about China government, history, art, literature, cuisine, nationality, language, education, culture, population, religion, Confucianism, travel information and more...

Discovering China
Do you want to learn about Chinese Culture Revolutions besides Chinese history? Do you want to know who are the Movers and Shakers in Chinese history? Do you want to learn about Chinese art, religions, and minorities and more? Check out this wonderful site, which was developed by three high school students. You will not be disappointed!

Chinese National Flag and National Anthem
Information about the Chinese national flag, the Chinese national seal and the national anthem.

The world's premiere online gateway into China, explores the beauty of Chinese land and culture while giving visitors insights into doing business there. ChinaSprout was recognized as a "Cool Link of the Week." is one of the most popular web site directory and index for China/Chinese related resources on the Internet. The site was first created in 1994 and is the China-themed sites with the longest history.

Culture & Language

Chinese Dance
Chinese dance dates back nearly 5000 years. As in most cultures, Chinese dance is closely linked to and reflective of life experiences and concerns. Thus the dances can be divided into (1) CEREMONIAL; for praying to the gods for bountiful harvests, (2) DRAMATIC; for reporting and commemorating historical events, (3) MARTIAL; for demonstrating fighting techniques, and (4) AGRICULTURAL; for celebrating nature and work.

Chinatown in NYC
Learn about everything about Chinatown in New York City, including food, shopping, accommodations, things to do, and more in this informative and comprehensive website.

USWTV.COM provides useful and substantive China and America - oriented information such as News, Entertainment, Finance, Education, Culture, Sports, and Travel to audiences through out the world, 24 hours and 7 days a week.

The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar
Chinese New Year is the main holiday of the year for more than one quarter of the world's population; very few people, however, know how to compute its date. Learn about the mathematics of the Chinese calendar in this website that has lots of details about the calculation.

China the Beautiful
Learn about classical Chinese art, calligraphy, poetry, history, literature, painting, philosophy and more in this informative and comprehensive website.

The Chinese Outpost
Rather than give you "practice" or "lessons" on Chinese pronunciation, characters, and grammar, this site defines and describes the major issues you will need to understand when you study the language more formally.

Animated Chinese Characters
Learn how to write Chinese by watching animations that draw Chinese characters stroke by stroke (in simplified form as used in mainland China). Subsections include Pronouns, Numbers, Compass Directions, Chinese Zodiac, Countries, Chinese Provinces, Cities, Hong Kong Movies, Surnames, Political Figures and more.

The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden
The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden is the first authentic garden of its type in the United States. Designed by China’s distinguished landscape-garden architect, Gongwu Zou, and in collaboration with the Landscape Architecture Company of China, this one acre walled Garden is a superbly crafted example of Ming garden design.

Chinese History (Paleolithic to Qing Dynasty)
Maps, images, articles, link to Early China News, bibliographies, overview of dynasties, timelines.

Center of Research on Education in China
Covers all aspects of education in contemporary China, including a weekly update (by subscription) on development of education in China

Modern Chinese Literature & Culture Resource Center
Covers all aspects of education in contemporary China, including a weekly update (by subscription) on development of education in China.

Chinese Culture from People’s Daily
This is the English version of the People's Daily in China. There's a page on festivals, one on musical instruments, one on musical traditions, and another with a gorgeous page of pictures of places all around China that we'd all love to visit (and links to more information on each of them). Lastly, there's a link to a page called "China at a Glance" with information on everything and a map of provinces that you can click on to learn more

Chinese History Preview
Sort through Chinese history, dynasty-by-dynasty. Lots of great information here!

Chinese Festival Calendar
This is a Chinese Festivals Calendar where you are able to search for the date of any major festival over the next couple of years. That way you'll be able to plan ahead and make sure you have all the necessary clothing, food, and decorations to make your celebrations complete.
Click here to learn the Duan Wu Jie (Dragon Boat Festival).

Minorities in China
Finally, we have found a link for you that has lots of information about the 56 minority nationalities/cultures recognized in the PRC. This site also contains loads of facts about China's many different provinces.

Chinese History
From the ancient dynasties to the birth of the People's Republic, this site will help you discover the fascinating history of China. Let yourself be led through the complexities of over 5,000 years of civilization.

Chinese Historical Timelime
A chronological list of dynasties. Clicking on each dynasty reveals detailed information about its background, emperors and demise.

FAQ on raising bilingual children
This link answers everything you've ever wanted to know about the subject of raising bilingual children.

Chinese Traditional Clothing
Learn the history of Chinese traditional clothing and its evolution through ThinkQuest and the Government Information Office in Taiwan . Here you can discover the three main types of traditional clothing, where various patterns originated, and what bird's feathers were chosen for ornaments by ancient Chinese warriors because of its fighting spirit.

"Chinese Culture" in
A great resource on Chinese culture - from Chinese history to calligraphy, architecture and poetry, to medicine, philosophy and religion. A wealth of information is available on this site that can start you on your journey of learning about China.

Traditional Music
A brief introduction to traditional music with a focus on the musical instruments of China. ChinaSprout carries CD's featuring traditional music played with these instruments.

Live Chinese Music
Here's your chance to listen to traditional and contemporary Chinese music. Definitely worth a try!

Peking Opera
A brief introduction on Peking Opera's history, facial makeups and different characters. A good start to learn about Peking Opera. carries books on Peking Opera and Masks of Peking Opera.

Chinese Papercuts
Great website about the art of Chinese papercutting. Currently in French only, but the owner plans to release an English version soon.

A brief introduction to the history, creation and usage of this traditional folk art. carries a variety of papercut products, from "How-to" instructions to the finished artwork.

Shadow Puppets
A brief introduction to the history and performance of this traditional folk art. carries several shadow puppets products.

New Year Pictures
A brief introduction to the history of this traditional folk art. carries New Year Pictures postcards that will help you celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

Chinese Fortune Calendar and Festivals
All Chinese Fortune-Telling systems come from Chinese Fortune Calendar. This Chinese Fortune Calendar can tell your Ying-Yang Five Elements which are to key to find your lucky times and places.

Moon Festival
It tells legendary stories of the moon festival, such as The Lady - Chang Er, The Man - Wu Kang, The Hare - Jade Rabbit, and The Cake - Moon Cake.

Moon Festival
A brief introduction to this traditional Chinese festival, including the origin of the festival, and what people do and eat on this day. carries the complete tale in the book, Chang'E Flying to the Moon.

12 Animals of Zodiac
Do you want to know your sign in the Chinese zodiac? This site includes a comprehensive list of animals for each year, starting with the year 1900. Each year/sign is discussed briefly, and has a recommendation for the sign of your ideal partner.

Ancient Chinese Fables
6 famous ancient Chinese fables in their original ancient Chinese characters with English translations.

A brief introduction to the history of this exquisite traditional Chinese dress. carries a variety of beautiful Qipao (Mandarin Dresses) for children.

Chinese Online Tools
One of the best websites for learning Chinese, this site includes a Chinese/English dictionary, character flashcards, the Chinese Namer, and the Western/Chinese Calendar Converter. Highly recommended.
A great site for learning Chinese! The interactive dictionary allows you to learn Chinese characters and pronunciation, and you can learn how to write 4000 Chinese characters stroke by stroke. Answers the most frequently asked questions about Chinese characters. Highly recommended.

The Origin of Chinese Surnames
Great source for understanding where Chinese surnames come from with lists of the most common Chinese surnames.

Any Chinese Character
Learn to write Chinese charters by viewing animated image that show you how to create the character of your choice.
The Silkroad Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in 1996, to promote the study and preservation of cultures and art on Inner Asia and the Silk Road. The Silkroad Foundation wants to provide the bridge for cultural exchange and appreciation between Eastern and Western cultures, and facilitate and enhance educational opportunities for the community.

China 50 - Press Articles Dedicated to China's 50 Year Anniversary

Visions of China: Special issue to celebrate China 50– tracks the nation's tumultuous path from an imperial to the 21st century.

Regions of China

MapQuest: China
Find ANY Chinese town on this BIG American Website!! It's true! Go see -- you'll be able to find the exact place your child came from, no matter how teeny, tiny it may be!!! (Hint: Click on “MapQuest Tools: Maps” to select a Country)

Lotus Travel
Lotus Travel works directly with its offices in Hong Kong and in China, enabling us to arrange hotel accommodations, tours, visas, knowledgeable tour guides, and more to destinations within China and throughout the Orient. - China Travel Guides and Services

With, travelers can purchase hotels and flights in China, Asia, and all around the world online or through a number of 24/7, full-service offline sales and support centers, and find attractions across China and essential "survival facts" for their China trip.

Travel Guide to China
Travel Guide to China: Here's a super site with loads of information about different cities in China, including lots of small cities where many adopted children are from.

Lycos' Chinese City Guides
A unique site that provides comprehensive information on 38 major Chinese cities including culture, history, visitor's guide with a city map, entertainment of each city. A great start to learn about these cities.

My Home Town
Created by an adoptive parent, this is a comprehensive list of many provinces and/or cities from where adoptive children come. A good place to start gathering information on these places. Highly recommended.

Provides comprehensive information on the city of Lianyungang, including its history, economy and culture. A well-designed and user-friendly site. Highly recommended.

A brief introduction to the city of Nanjing, including major tourist attractions.

A brief introduction to city of Suzhou—called the "Venice of the Orient"—this site includes tourist attractions and local culture.

There is a great website from Xiangtan government giving you lots of information about Xiangtan, some of information is even in English. Now you can see Xiangtan government must have gotten lots of money to build this great website. Of course, the hometown of Chairman shall receives such investment.

Regional Cuisine

Chinese Food for Children: Here are some sites that may help you feed a finicky eater who has just arrived from China. Great recipes for simple, traditional foods: Steam Egg (Guangdong Style), Egg Drop (Egg Flower) Soup

Anhui Dishes
A brief introduction to the cuisine of Anhui, including 5 easy to learn recipes.

Sichuan Dishes
One of the most famous cuisines in China, the food of Sichuan is well-known for its spicy flavor. This site provides a brief introduction to Sichuan cuisine, and includes 7 popular recipes.

Fujian Dishes
A brief introduction to the cuisine of Fujian, including 6 recipes.

Hunan Dishes
One of the most famous cuisines in China, the food of Hunan is well-known for its spicy flavor. This site provides a brief introduction to Hunan cuisine, and includes 7 popular recipes.

Yunnan Dishes
A brief introduction to the cuisine of Yunnan, including 5 recipes.

Zhejiang Dishes
A brief introduction to the cuisine of Zhejiang—famous for its sweet flavor—including 6 recipes.

Chinese Food and Cooking
The art of Chinese cooking does not, contrary to popular belief, present any real difficulties as you'll quick to discover at Most of the ingredients in Chinese recipes such as bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and so on may be readily purchased from most general food stores and supermarkets, and even online

Eating China
Chinese Food Culture and History - a culinary journey through the cuisine of China and Taiwan.

Adoption Issues

This site is created by the non-profit organization, Families with Children from China. It contains the most comprehensive information on pre-and post adoption issues, including governmental regulations, FCC chapters across North America and Europe, and links to other useful resources.

International Adoption - China
Issued by the U. S. State Department, this documenet on China adoption provides detailed information on the current situation and requirements for adoption from China.

China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA)
Chinese government's official website offers information about Chinese adoption law, guide to adoptive families, and FAQ.

Adoption in
One of the best resources about adoption. You can find information on almost everything you want to know about adoption in this very personal directory, including such topics as agencies, counseling, waiting children, products, culture, adoption camps and more. Highly recommended.
You will find everything prospective adoptive parents need to know about adopting

Provides unique gifts and resources for parents building families through the joy of international adoption.

America World Adoption Association

The AWAA is a nonprofit, licensed Christian adoption agency dedicated to helping families adopt internationally. They have options for adoption from various countries.

Personal Page
A website created by an adoptive family with lots of links to home pages of adopted children as well as information on China and adoption related websites.

Lisa McClure's China Diary
Lisa McClure's China Diary gives families a fresh new perspective on adopting from China. After Lisa went to China to adopt her daughter, she decided that she wanted to live there and gain a deeper understanding of the land and the people. Follow Lisa and her daughter Lara's adventures, as they move from their comfortable home in the Rocky Mountains to the unknown in China.