ChinaSprout Book Fair

ChinaSprout works with schools to create book fairs, just like the familiar Scholastic Book Fair. A ChinaSprout Book Fair will help your school raise funds and purchase the books that teachers and students need. Better yet, because our focus is Chinese and language books, a ChinaSprout Book Fair offers titles and learning tools that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Schools can have teachers and parents select titles from our website or print catalogs for the fair. Simply send us the wish list or, if you prefer, we can select some our best selling books based on your programs. ChinaSprout will send you the books on a consignment basis, and we will pay for the associated shipping and return costs. You shall keep a percentage of the sales as our contribution to your school. Parents may also order additional books that were not sent in the original packages during the book fairs. We will ship these books without charging the shipping.

More information on payment processing, timing, and how to prepare the wish lists to ensure that you receive the books you want will be provided upon confirmation of the event.

If a ChinaSprout Book Fair sounds like the perfect fundraiser and library booster for your school, please email or calls us at (718) 786-8890 to discuss your event and needs. We will also need to know the event date and how many people you expect to come, as well as the mailing address.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you again for your interest in ChinaSprout. We look forward to hearing from you about how we can help you support your school and its students.