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Little Kevin I BSO057


Kids will be enchanted by Kevin and his cute little ears. Parents love the simple yet lively language of these stories that offer children valuable tips, wisdom, and life lessons.


Book Titles:Kevin Goes to School 第一天上学
Kevin Needs to Poop 凯文坐便盆
Kevin Goes to the Barber Shop 凯文去理发
Kevin Discovers Spring 凯文在春天
Kevin Discovers Autum 凯文在秋天
Kevin's Day with Grandpa 凯文爱爷爷
Kevin's Puppy 凯文的小狗
Kevin Spends the Night 凯文的梦
Kevin Helps Dad 凯文帮爸爸
Bathing 凯文洗澡

By Liesbet Slegers, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 27 pages/book, 8.7"x8.25"

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Item: Little Kevin I
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