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Little Pig Willy BSW030


Little Pig Willy Series contains six fun stories,  Little Willy Does Housework, Little Willy Uses Toilet, Little Willy Always Wants to Be First, Little Willy Can Not Go to Sleep, Little Willy Can Swim and Little Willy Argues with Others. The series shows little pig Willy's cute, naughty and the warmth of family ... ... The stories like children's diary and they will learn a lot of life knowledge after reading these interesting story books. The books presented in easy-to-read language and vivid images, is ideal for children and parents to read together. Ages 4-8.

勇于面对问题方素珍(台湾儿童文学作家、著名阅读推广人)细心的你一定会发现,许多绘本中的主角,身边总会有个小跟班,也许是个小布偶或是一只小宠物;芭芭拉‧波曼笔下的小猪威利也有一个小布偶玩具小猪,威利睡觉时要抱着它,睡不着时更要有它来作伴,出去郊游时,威利也要带着它一起去。本书的故事取材自生活中的片断,用浅白的语言和活泼的画面,教孩子勇敢面对问题,非常适合大声朗读、亲子共读。不管是孩子还是大人,即使只是一只小猪,也要练习面对困难,解决问题呢! 勇气,是从零开始;勇气,就是勇敢地试一试。与孩子共读时,如果一边朗读文字,一边观察图画,更能感受故事的趣味和诉求哦!

Book Titles
Little Willy Does Housework 小威利做家务
Little Willy Uses Toilet 小威利会用小马桶
Little Willy Always Wants to Be First 小威利总想争第一
Little Willy Can Not Go to Sleep 小威利睡不着
Little Willy Can Swim 小威利敢游泳了
Little Willy Argues with Others 小威利闹别扭

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 26 pages/book, 8.5"x7.75"

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