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Make a Book from a Piece of Paper BAR202


Discover the magic and joy a piece of paper can bring! This handicraft guide book gives step-by-step instructions to make eye-catching books with paper. This book features different craft book ideas, complete with detailed diagrams, written instructions, and suggestions on illustrations. By folding, cutting, sticking, writing, and drawing, from 2D to 3D, readers will enjoy making books with their own creativity.

本书为台湾手工书女王王淑芬创作、画家陈怡今绘制插画的新型手工书,将一张纸变身为20款手作小书,随书还附有60个写作指导20种插画创意 折、剪、写、画,寓教于乐 绽放奇思妙想 亲子互动 共享成长时光。本书的内容分为作者序、导读、具体的手工玩法、延伸玩法四块。图书全彩印刷,有大量插图,图文结合,趣味性强,可操作性强,适合作为家庭教育、亲子读物。

By Shufen Wang, Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, 183-213 pages/book, 8.25"x6.6"
Item: Make a Book from a Piece of Paper
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