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What's in a Chinese Character BLP005


This fascinating book uses cartoons by Tan Huay Peng to illustrate the origin and development of more than 700 common Chinese characters to their present form. The historical background of the script is given, as well as information on the type of stroke, stroke sequence, and Pinyin pronunciation. Days, months and numbers in Chinese are also provided in the Appendix, making this book invaluable to anyone starting to learn Chinese. Each character is explained in Pinyin and English and includes examples of how to use it. The explanations of the origins of Chinese characters are in English and Chinese.

Here is a review from one of our customers Elizabeth Yu: "To many beginning and even advanced students of Chinese, deciphering characters is a deep mystery. This lighthearted reference will help to eliminate much of that mystery. The origins of 369 commonly used characters are explained through anecdotes and comical illustrations. I have used some examples from book for teaching my first year Chinese high school students. It is a welcome break from the usual textbook.

The book uses English, simplified characters and pinyin. Stroke sequences of each character are shown. Examples of more ways to use each character are also given. This is useful supplement for students of Chinese at all levels."

By Tan Huay Peng, Simplified Chinese characters, Paperback, 185 pages, 10.25"x7.25"
Item: What's in a Chinese Character
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