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The Peanut Fart BSB358


Usually, Sheldon the snail only eat green vegetables. But one day, Sheldon ate a peanut and let out a peanut-shaped fart. Followed by the fart wherever he went, Sheldon got a little bit angry. He caught the fart and let it float away in a bottle. But he started to worry about his fart very soon. So Sheldon embarked on an interesting and adventurous journey... In the back of the book there are also English translations students can use to learn difficult pronouns and verbs. Chinese/English vocabulary list and English translations of the Chinese texts and are included in the end of book.


By Xiaoming Wang, Translated by Adam Lanphier, Paperback, Simplified Chinese character and Pinyin, 25 pages, 9.25"x9.85"
Item: The Peanut Fart
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