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Let's Talk About Series (22 Books) BSK048


Let's Talk About series helps children understand and manage emotions. Joy Berry's down-to-earth approach shows children real ways to handle things over situations such as disappointment, separation, and loss. Like all of Joy Berry's books, Let's Talk About Feeling Sad speaks directly to the child and acts as a problem-solving resource for parents and caregivers. The book is filled with full-color illustrations and simple text that make the sometimes-difficult information easy to take in. Please click here for each title description.


Books Title:
Putting on a Brave Face 勇敢面对篇:
Feeling Frustrated 我不怕挫折
Being Good 我不怕不完美
Feeling Embarrassed 我不怕尴尬
Being Away From Your Parents 我不怕分离
Feeling Guilty 我会化解内疚
Feeling Defeated 我不怕失败
Feeling Disappointed 我不怕失望
Getting Hurt 我不怕受伤

A Heart of Gold 阳光内心篇:
Feeling Afraid 我不害怕
Being Shy 我不害羞
Feeling Jealous 我不忌妒
Feeling Worried 我不担心
Feeling Inferior 我不自卑
Being Patient 我有耐心
Feeling Angry 我不生气

Challenging Yourself 自我挑战篇:
Saying No 我能说“不”
Being Fair 我能讲道理
Accepting No 我能接受拒绝
Playing With Others 我会和别人玩
Being Helpful 我能帮助别人
Needing Attention 我能获得关心
Feeling Sad 我能平复伤心

By Joy Berry, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 30 pages/book, 6.75"x6.75"

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Item: Let's Talk About Series (22 Books)
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