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Little Dinosaur's Behavior Picture Book Series BSK071


此系列以小恐龍們活潑生動的生活小故事,帶出孩子成長中出現的各種行為,遁遁善誘地灌輸正確的價值觀。故事結 尾均設有提問,令小朋友可以再次思考故事重點,加深印象,從而有效地培養良好品格。

Book Titles:
The Interesting String 奇妙的繩子 - 分享的快樂
It Dropped! 哎呀!掉下去了!- 與同伴和睦共處
The Workbook Is Missing! 家課冊不見了!- 培養收拾習慣
I Am Not Scared! 我什麼都不怕!- 學會謙虛待人 
Who's The Monster? 誰是小怪獸?- 學習保持清潔
I Fell Too! 我也跌倒了!- 學習誠心認錯

By Manisa Palakwong, Illustrated by Ratimai Hongwisuthikul, Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 21-23 pages/book, 8.9"x9.1"
Item: Little Dinosaur's Behavior Picture Book Series
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