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Naughty Kid Good Habits BSK086


石仔的外表像一顆石頭,喜歡逗人開心,是家人朋友的開心果。可是,石仔的生活習慣卻令周遭的大人十分頭痛。咬指甲、挖鼻子、吐口水和不吃飯都是小孩常有的壞習慣,石仔一家如何幫石仔建立 生活好習慣呢? 

Book Titles:
Biting Nails is Fun 咬指甲真好玩!
Cool! Digging booger 爽呀!挖鼻屎
Aim at the Target! I Spit! 瞄準目標!我吐!
It is really Troublesome to Eat 吃飯真麻煩

By Guo Siyin and Yao Ruizhi, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 31 pages/page, 9x"9
Item: Naughty Kid Good Habits
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