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Emotional Management Picture Books (4 Books) BSK088


Once there was a bad mood and a stick. The stick appeared when a tree dropped it. Where did the bad mood come from? Who picked up the stick? And where is the bad mood off to now? You never know what is going to happen.

Sadness can be scary and confusing at any age! When we feel sad, especially for long periods of time, it can seem as if the sadness is a part of who we are--an overwhelming, invisible, and scary sensation. In When Sadness Is at Your Door, Eva Eland brilliantly approaches this feeling as if it is a visitor. She gives it a shape and a face, and encourages the reader to give it a name, all of which helps to demystify it and distinguish it from ourselves. She suggests activities to do with it, like sitting quietly, drawing, and going outside for a walk. The beauty of this approach is in the respect the book has for the feeling, and the absence of a narrative that encourages the reader to "get over" it or indicates that it's "bad," both of which are anxiety-producing notions.

What do you do when it seems as if nothing will make you happy? For one little girl, it’s a good time to take a survey, from subjects including a quick little rabbit (running around in a wheel) and a snazzy centipede (shoes, lots of shoes). Scott Menchin’s amusing story and his whimsical characters show us that doing what we love best can bring the biggest smiles of all.

George has absolutely no interest in exploring the world. None at all. He's far too busy enjoying his home life and baking delicious pastries. Or so he tells all his friends when they invite him along on their wonderful adventures. But when George's friend Pascal digs a little deeper, the real reason George refuses to travel away from home is finally revealed . . . From the children's book author of the acclaimed Herman and Rosie comes Gus Gordon's Somewhere Else.





Book Titles:
The Bad Mood and the Stick 并不坏的坏情绪
When Sadness Comes to Call 有一个朋友叫悲伤
Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things that Make Me Happy 再见啦,不开心
Somewhere Else 不再找借口的小鸭子

By Leomony Snicket, Eva Eland, Scott Menchin and Gus Gordon, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters,30-40 pages/book, 9.5"x9.5"
Item: Emotional Management Picture Books (4 Books)
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