I Love Mom: This book tells the story of a daughter from her mother despise their mother fell in love with a disability to the heart of the mentality of the story. Original painting style is currently in a relatively unique. In addition pastel sketch for the living. In just a screen creation, Li Yuke timely grasp and were carefully painted, showing a very touching picture situation.


Big Fu: How to folk stories by word of mouth of picture books, we need to cultivate in from the complicated simple and sincere. People focused on the story works in the sand baby a person, and moderately simplify the story, read very consistent with the child's reading habits. Of course, in the overall picture book creation, illustrator Lu Ruina appear large area of ​​China through pastoral scenery, folk customs as well as the image of the animal, the story rendered extremely bright. This "big Fu" very fit Chinese wind publishing style, also made a very good attempt, the folk stories into children now look like picture books, or even attract the attention of children abroad.


Petals dog: Is a collection of poems for children, it is the first joint insurance Dongni and Hui, absolutely worth collecting! Children's picture books published in the form of poetry is our attempt here is not so much poetry is poetry, as it is sweet dreams, happy expression unfettered himself and hearty.


Waiting for you to: contains a proposition philosophical questioning and life, evocative endless. Those beautiful words and fine paintings, entirely speculative the two outstanding creators of emotion, really wonderful to read. More importantly, this is the first co-insurance Dongni and Hui is definitely worth collecting!


Purple hair Jellyfish: In the publishing process, the World Children's picture book, we see no shortage of folk tale figure, such as "pulling radishes" "Snegurochka" "The Three Little Pigs," "Momotaro" "mouse bride" and so on. Folk tales into the picture book, not only is the form of vector changes, but also brought the creation of kernel changes. After all we will find a suitable opportunity to let the children know Chinese traditional stories, legends ...... then deeply nourish their souls. "Purple hair jellyfish" This picture book, author Paul Dongni whether text or illustration author Lu Ruina, performed folk tale picture book of creation.


Christmas Snowman: Original works of children's literature writer Paul Dongni. Text classic, beautifully painted pictures, picture stories narrative stronger. "Christmas Snowman" by Paul Dongni author, 李宇珂 painted, children's literature is a Chinese Feng masterpiece painted lines of a book, is a like Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince" is full of love, like moving picture book.


Straw Castle: Through a concerted effort to overcome the difficulties, cooperation enjoyable tale forest family, tell the child, each of us has the advantage, but only if we unite all the advantages, in order to do one thing. "Straw castle" is the Chinese Feng children's literature masterpieces painted lines of a book, by Paul Dongni with, Liu Jiangping painted.


Where is Rainbow: Is the Chinese Feng children's literature masterpieces painted lines of a book, the author still by Paul Dongni, Liu Jiangping draw. He told the children to capture the beauty of nature at the same time, inspire each reader's ability to create and discover the beauty. Maybe we can not find every day rainbow sky, but we can use the scientific method of manufacturing the rainbow, creating surprise.