Ryan Respects: Ryan is fast like a cheetah, but his friend Doug is not. After they get timed in gym, Doug comes in behind everyone else. “Doug the Slug,” chants Ryan and he gets a lot of laughs. Doug is upset but Ryan doesn’t notice.


Forgiving a Friend: Seth’s best friend, Jacob, broke Seth’s truck. Seth knows it was an accident, but still, it was his favorite toy! He tells Jacob to go home and not come back. He will just get a new best friend.

 But when Seth goes to visit his neighbor, Grandma Grace, he accidentally breaks a lamp. Instead of getting angry, she tells him, “There’s nothing I own that is more valuable than friendship.” Seth can’t believe she is so forgiving, and it makes him think about how he treated Jacob.


Cristina Keeps a Promise: Cristina can’t believe that her favorite author will be in town for a book signing! She plans to go. But when it conflicts with the Special Olympics event that she promised her brother she would attend, she has an important decision to make.


Makayla Cares About Others: Makayla realizes that caring is about doing nice things for other people, even when it's hard to do. Makayla overcomes her fear of bugs in order to help plant a memorial garden for a neighbor.


Jason Takes Responsibility: Jason has an important job to do. He has to take the invitations for Grandma’s birthday party to the mailbox right away. But then he sees Carson flying a new eagle kite in the park. It won’t matter if he stops to fly the kite for a minute, will it?


Good Neighbor Nicholas: Nicholas can't stand his next-door neighbor, Mr. Robinson. Mr. Robinson gets mad about everything. Dad explains that Mr. Robinson is probably grumpy because of some personal troubles. But Nicholas doesn't care, at least until he has a bad day of his own.


Honest Ashley: When Ashley procrastinates writing her school essay, she's caught up short: it's due tomorrow and she hasn't even started. Her friend Kelly says she's having her sister write hers. Ashley knows that's cheating, but what is she to do?