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Customer Testimonials

This was the first time I ordered from you (DVD-RAISE THE RED LANTERN) -- and WOW! Fast, reliable, and just what I was looking for. I am looking forward to receiving your newsletters! Xie xie,

-- Randy, Caledonia, NY   

Thank you for signing me up for the ChinaSprout newsletter. And thank you for my order of videos etc which arrived yesterday - so quickly! We deeply appreciate the resources you offer our soon-to-be Chinese American family.

-- Genevieve, Somerville, MA   

Just wanted to comment that I love your website. I can always find something to give as a gift from my adopted chinese daughter that is as unique as she is, that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

-- Kathie, Lynn, MA   

I love your website!! I always find something new and fun, and the quality is always excellent. I've already starting my Christmas shopping with your wonderful Summer Sale!!

-- Michele, Middletown, CT   

I am the very proud aunt of a little girl from China (adopted). She has only been with us 3 months but we can't imagine our lives without her now. I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is excellent. I ordered shower gifts a few months back and have just ordered a doll. Her Mom and Dad were thrilled with your products.

-- Patty, Nova Scotia, Canada   

Your delivery service is amazing. I can't believe how fast your products arrive. We are really enjoying the videos we ordered. Thank you for your fast service.

-- Elizabeth, Dover, NH   

This is a wonderful site for adoptive parents (I especially came for the an adoption-related charm). Not only can you trust the translations and the quality, but the products are beautiful and celebrate both Chinese culture and adoption in meaningful ways. Thanks.

-- Betsy and Jon, Oak Park, IL   

What a pleasure! I'm never unhappy with ChinaSprout! The website is a treat. The products are a real blessing. The quick delivery time is icing on the cake! From a mom with three children, the youngest born in China, it's really exciting to discover a wonderful company like yours. Keep up the good work!

-- Julie, Cape Coral, FL   

I was astonished last evening when my sweet grandchild called me on the phone to thank me for the beautiful chinese jacket that I purchased from you just two days ago. It fits, she says she looks chinese, and her Moma says she can wear it to school on Friday. Cool! Thankyou for being so good at what you are doing.I appreciate it alot, since I am unable to get out.

-- Irene, Somers, NY   

Hello, I am writing to praise you on your wonderful website and customer service. Our family adopted a beautiful daughter from China last November, and have found this site to be fantastic! Whenever we need something for our daughter, we can always find it here. I also want to tell you that we appreciate the excellent, speedy delivery of all our our orders. We usually get them the very next day! Thanks again!

-- Sharon, Pennsylvania   

Wonderful Website! I've just spent hours enjoying all the products you have for sale! I felt like I'd returned to China on a great shopping trip. Since I had spent a month in China this past summer, I was wanting to learn about the Chinese New Year so I could share with my students. Your site was not only very informative it has the props and books necessary to complete my unit. You have such a great variety of cultural materials. Many of the items are very similar to the ones I purchased, but others are treasures I missed. I'm looking forward to adding them to my China collection.

-- Ginger   

I just wanted to congratulate you all for getting my first order here within 5 days of me having placed it!! I can't even get letters within the uk in that time sometimes - especially at Christmas! I am delighted with my 3 dolls and hope they will bring us luck with our hoped for China adoption in 2005. Your catalogue looks very interesting and I have no doubt I will be ordering more from you very soon and in years to come when our little one arrives. Thanks once again - my husband and I are extremely impressed with your service. There are alot of companies here in the UK who could learn something from yourselves about customer service!!

-- Amanda, Surrey, U.K.   

I have not had computer access for several years now but I have continued to receive your catalogs. Just a few days ago I got home access to the Internet again and your website was one of the first I wanted to visit. I am so glad to see you have been so successful. I began ordering from you when you first began about 6 years ago. Your website was great then but it's even better now! There is such a need for what you do and what you sell - our lives and the lives of our children are much richer because of Chinasprout! Thank you!!

-- Leslie, Frankfort, Kentucky   

I am writing to give some positive feedback regarding your website. I think it is beautiful and absolutely marvellous regarding Chinese culture. Reading the "about us" section has truly inspired me and this alone helps me to believe that all is not lost with this mad world we are living in today.

-- Suzanne, England   

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site. We have adopted a little girl from China and we where unable to buy books that would help us explain the red thread and also how our little angel became apart of our life. Your site has enabled us to buy usefull books that we can enjoy reading to our child every night and for this we are grateful -- Thank you

-- Samantha, Keiren and Layne from Australia   

I am so impressed with the variety of unique products offered. And how easy it is to purchase on your web page. My sister adopted her daughter Shaylee from China, two and a half years ago, arriving back in Boston Xmas eve. All 5 aunts had done their shopping from your site. So Xmas day Shaylee had wonderful culture related gifts to open. Thanks.

-- Carole, Massachussetts   

Just wanted to let you know what a great "store" you have. I received my first order from you today and I loved everything so much that I just placed another order. very excited to have found this website (thanks to google).

-- Holly, New York   

I would just like to say thank you for your prompt and easy service. i ordered a zodiac chop w/ my husband's name on it for his birthday wasn't sure if it would be received in time. i was wrong! it came a whole week before i expected. it really was a beautiful gift. my husband loves it! he uses it to 'sign' his comicbooks artworks that he publishes. thank you.

-- Janet, Tennessee   

I just want you to know that I LOVE ChinaSprout the people are so nice and the products are wonderful!!! Thank you for ChinaSprout ... I have been ordering somewhere around 1998 or 1999 after we adopted our daughter from China and became a family--the new web looks are great and I like the mailed catalog, too. thanks again, I just sent in another order-my last 1 was about 2-3 weeks ago-- Xie!Xie!

-- Cathy, Illinois   

FYI, the pajamas were received on Tuesday, and fit perfectly. Thank you for your prompt attention to this order. It was a pleasure dealing with China Sprout. Thanks, again.

-- Donna, California   

I just wanted to take a minute to praise your company. I attempted to buy a pendant for my wife who was in China picking up our daughter. There was a glitch in the website that wouldn't let the order go through. I sent an e-mail advising of the glitch and my goal to have the pendant before my wife got back from China. A customer service representative called me at home the next day, took my order over the phone, and made sure I was satisfied. The pendant arrived the next Friday, before they came home. I am highly impressed with the level of courtesy I was shown and intend to patronize you again.

-- Oscar, Washington   

I received personalized name chops on time for a Christmas present for my dad. He loves it. The name chops are carved really well and come in such a nice ornate box. My father is of Filipino and Chinese descent and did not have extensive exposure to Chinese culture due to cultural suppression in the Philippines where he grew up. His father, my grandfather, passed away in the mid-1990s and having our surname personalized into a name chop has plenty of sentimental value. Thanks for such a quality product and great service.

-- Florence, New Jersey   

First of all, I am absolutely amazed at the turn around time on my recent order I placed. Thank you very much, they are going to make some beautiful birthday gifts for my wife. The photo albums are for her birthday where I will put almost 400 pictures in sequential order of the adoption of our daughter... She will be thrilled.

-- Dennis, Massachussetts   

I have been ordering from your company for a while. EVERY single thing I have received from ChinaSprout is of the highest quality. I can ALWAYS count on my order being perfect and boy, you guys just have the nicest, classiest things ! I received my latest order today and I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for a perfect order of great products...

-- Susan, Wyoming   

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my experience with Chinasprout. Your web site is very easy to navigate. Purchasing items is made very easy, and I love the shipping updates. My order was filled right away and I received it very quickly. The baby sleeping bag is of the highest quality, beautifully made, lovely fabrics (the soft lining is a thoughtful touch) I can hardly wait to bring my baby home in it! Thank you for the best on-line ordering experience I have ever had.

-- Heidi, Washington   

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your VERY FAST delivery and excellent products!! My items arrived just 3 days after I ordered them! Very impressive!! The mooncakes are delicious-- they really remind us of our trip to Hong Kong last fall. Thanks again!

-- Jen and Chris, New York   

Please pass on my thanks to the team. I put in an order on the 31st December and it arrived in Canberra Australia on Friday the 9th January. Can't get much better service than that. If only the adoption process ran as smoothly. Thanks again.

-- Amanda - Australia   

Thank you so much for China Sprout. Living in the midwest after years near San Francisco and Oakland Chinatowns, your website is a lifeline. I can hardly wait for Moon Cake Season. I find myself missing the melon soy drink. Thanks again for your wonderful site. I use it to teach my nieces and nephews about a culture completely different from their own. - July 22, 2003

-- Diane - Colorado   

You operate a first class business and I am very pleased with your service.  I love everything that I ordered from your company. I will recommend you to all my friends and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

-- Teresa,  Colorado   

You can never realize enough how much you are helping to bridge the world of America and China.  Your ready supply of resources allows all of us to be ambassadors for mutual respect. Thank you forever.

-- Patsy, Florida   

Yes, we received the package yesterday and LOVE IT! The Chinese for Children is really good. I procrastinated getting it at the beginning because it seems a little expensive, but I can see it's worth every penny. It was amazing to listen to my daughter repeating the sounds and words. 

-- Sue, Massachusetts   

Xiaoning--Thanks so much for the GREAT Chinese clothes you sent my girls to wear  for Chinese New Year.  The officials at the Embassy loved them and wanted to know where I had found them since they cannot get such well made clothes in Beijing!!!!!  My girls have worn them to every New Year event they have gone to and always the same: WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE CLOTHES?????? You are getting GREAT advertising in this area with my girls.  Please stay in touch and we will continue to advertise for you!

-- Shelby, Virginia   

Wow! This is my first visit to your site and I am very impressed. You have provided so much useful and interesting information on everything I want to know. I'm just beginning to learn about China and find each day I want to learn more and more about the culture, people, history & language. Ultimately, I hope to go to China to and bring home a daughter. I will be visiting your site a lot in the coming months and I'm sure for a long time afterward. Thank you!

-- Lisa Imhoff   

We received the cards today. They are just lovely - you really did a nice job with them. I can't wait to send them out to all our loved ones. I looked at them over and over, imagining all my family and friends getting to see the lovely face of my new child right on my announcement card. The artwork is so special on  Little says so much with the dragon, the children, the message to me is LOVE and HOPE. Customer service was extraordinary!

-- Donna, Germany   

We received our package in the mail yesterday and we just love all of the items!  Thank you so much for your prompt service and attentiveness.

-- Caroline, Virginia   

We love Chinasprout both for its products and information.  Things to buy are fun and we know we will always find the best items. But we especially value Xiaoning's attention to history and tradition and current events. What makes your business special to us is how you link the products to Chinese culture in a way that teaches and adds meaning and dimension to the items we purchase.

-- Connie, New York   

We have purchased several items from Chinasprout over the last few months and have been pleased with all of the merchandise and prompt service.  One of my favorite items are the Chinese butterfly kites which we put on the walls of our daughters bedrooms. They are so beautiful and the kids love them, too. I have enjoyed the changes you made to your website and also the new slogan.  Thank you for having so many nice items and we will continue to visit your site often!

-- Mary Balciar, Pennsylvania   

We attended a Families with Children from China (FCC) Chinese New Year celebration yesterday in Raleigh, NC. My daughter, Aimee Qin, wore her golden manderin suit that I ordered from your website in November, 99. Many people asked where we got the prety gold manderin suit.  When I told them Chinasprout, either they too had ordered their child's outfit from your site or they had heard of your wonderful site. Either way you got a lot of good publicity from this New Year celebration. We all agreed that your customer satisfaction was the best and your products are wonderful.

-- Karen Murphy, North Carolina   

This is just a quick note of encouragement and appreciation.  Your newsletter and all of Chinasprout's offerrings are exceptional in quality and in information. Keep up the wonderful work!!!

-- Donna Raymond   

The VCD is great and will be enjoyed by both me and Tara. The VCDs are really much better than any VCR tapes I have seen and the sound is so clear and distinct.  I am a very happy customer.

-- Paul, Maryland   

The clothing I ordered from you last week is beautiful!  We'll enjoy letting our lovely daugher wear it to the Lunar New parties we will be attending. Thank you for such high quality products and quick service!

-- Elizabeth Paige Wheeler, Oklahoma   

The books and tape are wonderful. I had bought a tape (from another online store) of Chinese lullaby music before I went to China to have for Sian and found it to be very western and rather awful.  This tape of children's music that you sent is great. Just what I had been looking for before.

-- Jill, Texas   

Thanks so much for the beautiful announcement cards for my daughter.  I cried when I saw them!

-- Erica Kirchner-Dean, North Carolina   

Thanks for shipping the shoes. They were a BIG hit with my daughter and everyone at our FCC New Year celebration! I gave your website quite a few referrals while talking with members. Everyone wanted to know where I got Lily's outfit (red & black vest suit) and shoes. I told them about the site and how quickly I receive my orders. Really, everyone was so surprised that I ordered on Wednesday and received on Saturday. Lots of parents buy what they can manage to bring home from China, hoping the clothes will fit their children. Now that isn't a worry because you have clothing available. I hope you will grow your line of items as our children grow!

-- Jeri McDonogh, Kentucky   

Thanks for creating this website. We adopted our daughter from China 3 years ago, she is now 4.  Our group that went to China has 9 families and we all get together for our Gotcha Weekend and we try to get to most of the girls birthdays. 8 out of the 9 have internet access and I know the 8 of us are in your website and have made purchases. Thanks for being there for us. As the girls get older and understand where they came from, this website will help them with teaching their culture.

-- Patti   

Thank you so much for the recent order I received from Chinasprout. I just have to tell you, I am so pleased with the delivery time, the products and their quality.  I ordered the Children's Folk Songs (2), the Butterfly papercuts, and a book on how to make Chinese papercuts, and the auspicious Chinese New Year figures. The order was delivered to me so promptly -- I ordered on Friday and they were at my door on Monday.  The butterfly papercuts are exquisite!  I can see why they are gifts given to foreign visitors to China, for they are a treasure. Also, despite the Mandarin Chinese instructions in the book on how to make papercuts, the illustrations were clear enough for me to know what tools to use and how to cut the paper. I adored the beautiful pictures of all different kinds of papercuts, and enjoy looking at this marvelous book. I had a brilliant thought also, that this book would be a very good thing to take on one's adoption trip airplane ride for a toddler -- the pictures are beautiful and engaging. I'll enjoy this book for a long time, and be proud to pass it on to my daughter.

-- Stephanie, Ohio   

Thank you so much for the beautiful Chop! I had been searching for one for a friend, and was thrilled to find you on the internet. The Chinese name you gave my friend was so appropriate and personally meaningful that it seems as though you could have known him personally!  I wanted to give the Chop as a Christmas gift and so I really appreciate the extra effort and time you invested to ensure its timely arrival. When I opened the box, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and craftmanship of the chop. It was thrilling to know that it had been hand-carved in China! And the extra bonus was the lovely box that holds the Chop and ink bowl. I was not expecting this! Thank you for such responsive and caring service, and for such a high quality gift right on time for Christmas!

-- Tania Ortega-Cowan, Florida   

Thank you so much for looking into all that. I am impressed with the perfect clarity of your reply! And I am sure Chinasprout is a good choice for internet purchase should any future needs occur. Thanks again.

-- Jia Jiang, Maryland   

Thank you so much for all your work on the  website. It is the most user-friendly site I know and I love getting new product updates on e-mail so I know to check it out. I do a newsletter for our FCC support group and it seems I'm always telling them something about you all. I included your website address in one of the newsletters and I've heard nothing but glowing remarks! Keep up the good work.

-- Leslie Bishop, Kentucky   

Thank you for your wonderful service! I ordered and received 2 ornaments from you last week, the Panda mama & baby, and Santa at the Great Wall. They are wonderful, and will be keepsakes I'll share with my daughter-to-be every year.

-- Rebecca Miklos, Florida   

Thank you for all the great material in Chinese. You have changed our lives! The kids and I can now study on our own. They are having fun with chinese and they are learning. Their grandparents will be so proud!

-- Carol Vang   

My daughter and I are very pleased with the flash cards and Chinese language books and tapes.

-- Nancy, New York   

Just wanted to let you know my chops arrived today and I am just delighted with them. Had no idea they would come so beautifully boxed. I was very impressed how you followed up on every detail and you were so concerned that I would be happy with my purchase. Your attention to detail and your thoughtfulness to your clients is to be commended. My sincerest thanks. I will mention your web site to all my friends. I wish you and ChinaSprout a happy future.

-- Phyllis Mohlar, Florida   

Just visited the site for the first time. It is lovely! You have put so much love and thoughts into making it a very special place… Li Jie (the daughter of Joyce) really enjoyed speaking with you (on Chinese Cultural Day). On Sunday she spent a lot of time listening to the music CDs and tape. She was singing along and said that she missed China but she was happy to have the music… The songs remind Katie Li Jie of her school, friends, and teachers. China was and always will be her homeland. Music is a very beautiful way of bringing our two cultures closer together. All of us can enjoy the delightful singing and joyful melodies. We are grateful to you and ChinaSprout for making these CDs and tapes available to us at reasonable cost.

-- Joyce Morse, New Jersey   

Just a quick note to let you know how much our 2 kids are enjoying the Little Friends video. They started watching it in earnest about 4 weeks ago, and usually watch it 3-5 times per day.  Now, Shelley can count up to 10 in Chinese!!! And she can also say some colors, and sing along with the other songs. Her pronounciation is like Beijing hua. In the past she wasn't so interested in speaking Chinese.

-- Wei Tai, California   

I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with Chinasprout so far and this quick fix to the shoe problem is no exception. I always enjoy receiving the newsletter to find out what new and exciting products you have on the website.  I also really enjoy the articles that you are posting.

-- Cindy Wysocki, New Mexico   

I've been visiting your sight often over the past 6 months or so and have ordered several products from you.  I've been very pleased with the products and your customer service. I think you have one of the finest websites for those of us who have adopted children from China.

-- Robin Long, Kansas   

It is a pleasure to purchase from a business such as yours that offers genuine and efficient customer service. I look forward to being a customer of yours for many years to come.

-- Deanna Domres, North Carolina   

I'm very impressed with the Learn to Speak Chinese feature on your website. I appreciate hearing the correct pronunciation in clear and uncluttered fashion, and my daughter (5, from Nanjing) and I can repeat it as many times as we like!

-- Rebecca Colletta, New York   

I was absolutely thrilled to read the story of Tou Tou, the little girl from Beijing. I simply devour anything which shows and tells the daily life of the Chinese people. And any information I can gather for Elly to help her understand where she was born is crucial for me.  Thank you for helping to make this easier and so interesting.

-- Maribeth Griffin, Connecticut   

I wanted to tell you how wonderful your website is. It is one of the best I have ever seen. It is very user-friendly and features some exquisite items. I will be ordering very soon.

-- Denee Frazer, Texas   

I received the package in the mail today - The padded embroidered vest is fabulous!

-- Jan   

I received the order I had placed on Friday - WOW!! I was thrilled with the speed of delivery and absolutely delighted with the mandarin dress and mandarin suit.  My daughter couldn't wait to try on the suit - she looked so beautiful and so Chinese, and she was so proud of how she looked. The quality and craftsmanship is impressive and the availability is wonderful. Thank you for bringing this part of my daughter's culture so easily into our lives.

-- Michele Henry, Connecticut   

I received the bracelets and they were a hit at the reunion in Chicago. When asked where I got the wonderful bracelets I said Chinasprout!!!! Most families had never heard of your website. I told them of the many great items you have and how customer friendly you are.  I also told how close we came to not getting the bracelets. Thank you so much for getting these bracelets!!!!!

-- Karen Murphy, North Carolina   

I received my squeaky shoes over the weekend and they are adorable! They are cuter than the ones I bought in China. My daughter will love unwrapping these for Christmas!  Thanks for adding them to your merchandise!

-- Andrea Herrin,   

I really appreciate your courtesy. I have never received such great service your site is great and your customer service is outstanding. I also really love your products and will order again soon.

-- Andria Holec, Colorado   

I purchased many items from your site for my daughters' daycare.  Last year I did a one day Chinese New Year celebration with them and it went over so well they wanted to do a whole week this year!! The decorations and coloring pages were a big hit with children and staff alike. I brought in Ni Hao Little Friends to show them and help them to learn some Chinese words - the children loved it and my 4 year old was so proud she was puffed up like a peacock!  The children watched Big Bird in China and my daughter was able to tell them she had actually climbed the Great Wall just like Big Bird!  Yesterday she wore a green qi pao and was the toast of the school.  Thank you for helping me to show her friends about her culture and to help her to 'shine' in her Chinese-ness.   The joy in her face was worth everything.

-- Bonnie, Massachusetts   

I ordered 50 personalized Panda adoption cards recently. I was both delited and amazed at the quality and quickness of their arrival. I am very pleased and will definately use your web page to do all my Chinese gifts holiday shopping. Thanks for the great service!!

-- Tia Sheridan, California   

I love your website.  I have been coming here often and enjoy your products.  My most recent purchase was a beautiful silk handbag. They are so beautiful, I just want everyone to be able to see them easily and purchase them from you.

-- Leslie Albergo, New York   

I LOVE your website!!!! Not only is it a great resource, it is also beautifully designed.  Thank you for all your hard work as well as your wonderful ideas.  I promise to be a loyal customer in the future. I would have loved to have purchased some of your announcements, but I have already made my own--150 of them--from red card stock, rubber stamp images of Chinese symbols and characters, and yellow paper with red ink. Buying yours would definitely have been easier....but there will be many other occasions in the future. You are SO creative and imaginative--I am so impressed with your commitment to helping educate all of us who are China-culture-deficient.   You are also doing a great service to all the beautiful children who are coming here from your native land. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work.

-- Debi Strong, mother of Mao Xiao Xiao   

I love your website and have ordered educational material for our 2˝-year old son as well as mooncakes recently.  I'd like to commend you on your prompt and efficient service. Your website is also unique in that it not only sees to the needs of those with adopted Chinese children, but it also addresses the reality of families who are raising children in two cultures.  As a recent immigrant who's married to an American, I find it refreshing that you feature a section on this very issue that's close to my heart.  I would highly recommend your website to anyone looking for a reliable Chinese cultural and language resource.

-- Joanie Campsie, Florida   

I just wanted to thank you for sending us The Chinese for Children set, puzzles and animal tape.  They came so quickly and we are quite pleased. For once I found a language tape and book we can easily follow. The voices on the tape are very clear and the repetition is very helpful.

-- Jennifer Lappin, Missouri   

I just wanted to tell you that I loved the announcements I ordered from you!  Everyone I sent them to loved them also.  I was able to address them one night when the baby finally went back to sleep and I didn't!!

-- Mary Giragosian, Connecticut   

I just wanted to reply and thank you for being so professional and easy to deal with. With the rush of today's society anger is so prominent that it is a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that is kind and thoughtful.  Thank you!

-- Denise, Pennsylvania   

I just received my order, and I can't remember when I've been so happy with an online purchase. These zodiac animals are just wonderful. I can't wait to find some more people to buy them for... I'll have to think! Thanks again!

-- Beverly Smith, Ontario, Canada   

I have received my order yesterday ( Friday). The outfits fit the kids perfectly. They are so very beautiful! Thank you very much for your prompt service. Thank you again! ( I wish I knew the existence of your business earlier.)

-- Ping Lin, New Jersey   

I have never had a chance to meet someone else who has adopted from Shanghai.  We went to China in 1992 and this was before couples traveled with other families.  My husband and I were by ourselves and so know of no other families adopting from Shanghai. Now through your site I have already been exchanging mail message with a mother in California.  Once again, THANK YOU.

-- Sheryl Mosbarger   

I had a quick chance to check out your site and I think it is a great improvement over the last time I saw it.  I really like the colors and overall look of the site.  It really does a nice job targeting its audience. I also found it easy to navigate throughout the site because of the universal navigation and because of the path you showed once a user has found their way to a product page.  Good luck in your launch.

-- Amy Sheppard, professional graphic designer,   

I got your name from the APC listing, and placed an order last week.  I was shocked when 2 days later, the package appeared at my door--that's what I call service!

-- Diane Maas, New York   

I find your website extremely interesting and informative because it allows lots of interaction. I'm always at the verge of tears when I read stories written by adoptive parents. The world as one should be human beings' ultimate mission. And these giving parents have certainly brought people of the East and West closer with their sincere acts of love. I salute them. Your website is well-organized thus one can easily find the topics that interest him/her. I love the variety of learning resources you have. I will recommend them to my school.

-- Julie Tong, Singapore   

I enjoy shopping with you, because of the way you respond to your clients. It gives me a good feeling in buying something over the internet. Thank you for your kind service.

-- Femke,  Netherlands   

I can't say enough good things about the products I have bought.  They are good quality, age appropriate, and perfect learning/teaching tools.  Exactly what I was looking for Everything is great.  The tapes are wonderful.  On occasion, Hayley starts to sing along. I know she recognizes some of the songs, but sometimes it seems like she just picks up a word or two, here and there, quite quickly.  She loves to sing.  And now asks me often to play her Chinese tapes... Your products are perfect for helping us teach our children about the richness of their birthcountry and its culture...The books are great! Hayley took them before I knew it and was quite fascinated with them.  Thanks again, and I'll keep my eye on your web site so we can order again soon.

-- Susan Forbes, Massachusettes   

I appreciate your responses and all the links you provided me with. You were such a help, I don't know where I would be if I never found your site.  I learned so much from your bulletin board, and the personal websites on China Sprout. It's such a great site, and (I know I've said this a million times, but it has to be said again!) it's also really well designed.  The colors and layout are really eyecatching, you should be very proud.  China Sprout is such a good idea, and it's such a great source for families with Chinese children. I really mean it when I wish you the best of luck with your site!  Thank you once again for all your help!  I'll definitely be visiting again!

-- Katie Shea, 16 year old, working on school project for China adoption   

I am so proud of you and your website. It looks wonderful and you offer everything we adoptive parents dream of and much more. You have touched the lives of so many of us and provided the items we want at an excellent price and with terrific service.

-- Denee, Texas   

I am really happy with your products. are doing a really, really good job!!!! ... I LOVE the CD on the Forbidden City, fantastic. The dress is adorable!

-- Patsy Eccles, Florida   

I am really enjoying your site. I have learned a lot, by reading the bulletin board and talking with you. I told everyone to check the chinasprout site out. I have had alot of people thank me for showing them your site. Keep up the terrific work, Xiaoning. We really need you!

-- Sharon in Canada   


-- Jack Waddell, South Carolina   

Everything you sent was wonderful!  And I am very impressed with the quality of each item.

-- Bonnie Ward, Massachusetts   

Dear Folks at Chinasprout, I have truly been delighted with the items that I have ordered from your site! You have been prompt in filling the orders, and the quality of the items (clothing in particular) has been top rate! Our daughter married a young man from Hong Kong and they recently became parents of a little boy. It has been most frustrating for this Grandma to find books for very small children written in Mandarin that our son-in-law can read to his little one.  I was delighted to see the new Disney books with cassettes that he will be able to use soon to teach the baby often the books are written for English speaking parents, and there is no other place (that I have found anyway) where simple children's books/ videos are available for parents who are already fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese to use with their children.  Thank you so much for the terrific service you provide, and I hope that you will continue to incorporate more books and audio-visual items for native speakers to use in passing on their language and heritage to the next generation!!

-- Barbara Hernke, Florida   

Couldn't wait to share this photo of my girls as we prepare for Chinese New Year. Of course, this is a proof, so quality is not finished quality.  But I wanted to share this picture of my girls that we took yesterday.  Both the outfits and lion costume from Chinasprout.  Thank you for the nice quality Xiaoning Wang!!!

-- Elizabeth Ross, Massachusetts is one of the most complete Chinese reference websites I could find; I also enjoyed the easily comprehensible shopping section. You are doing a great job; keep up the good work.

-- Yuan Min Zhu, Missouri   

Chinasprout is the most COMPLETE of the shopping sites. You help us introduce our children to Chinese culture by having more than just a collection of stuff to buy. Other sites have the combination of adoption information and Chinese products, but the cultural info is lacking. The extra services (hmmm - like the TV listing someone puts together ) are a big draw. Because you are from China, you can answer our cultural questions. You know about the adoptive families so we don't have to go through all the admiration and explanation we generally have to do when we visit Chinese gift shops just to ask a question. The special pages on the Chinese New Year were great. I kept going back to them all the time.

-- Kirby Bartlett-Sloan, Georgia   

Be sure to take a look at Xiaoning Wang has been working very hard to make this site not just a place to buy China related items but a resource for the China Adoption community... Please take a look and drop Xiaoning a note to tell her what a great site this is.

-- JoAnn Brown ,Texas   

...absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  But most important, our little Ellie just loves it! She wouldn't take it off and even wanted to wear it to bed tonight. Thank you so much for providing a place to go to for such special items and information. And a very special thank you for making one beautiful little girl so very, very happy!

-- LuAnn Greenwald, Illinois   

...It is nice to have a site I feel comfortable ordering from - with such personalized service!

-- Susan Bridgmon, Missouri