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Dear Friend,


The weather is still hot and so is ChinaSprout's Summer Sale! The sale continues through August 31st. Don't miss your chance to get some of your favorite ChinaSprout items, at reduced prices, before they are gone. You can also be prepared for one of our favorite Chinese celebrations -- Moon Festival! This year, the Moon Festival will be on September 28th. Check out our new Moon Festival page to learn more about moon festivals and order our yummy moon cakes. We have also introduced some great new products that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Chinese Moon Cakes Are Here!Yummy Moon Cakes

This year's Moon Festival falls on September 28, 2004. To help families celebrate this holiday in an authentic Chinese manner – eating moon cakes while looking at the full moon – ChinaSprout offers FRESHLY baked moon cakes from a premium bakery in New York's Chinatown. Our moon cakes have been a huge success for the last four years -- everyone has loved them!Order yours now

FCC 2005 Calendar is Available!

FCC 2005 Calendar 

The 2005 "From China With Love" calendar is available now to ship to you.  Order the calendar now and enjoy the discont to order two copies and more or a box of 25 copies. This consistently best-selling calendar is filled with exceptional photographs of beautiful, happy children (not just girls) --all adopted from China. This year's calendar features illustrations by author/illustrator Grace Lin. The calendar is very bright and whimsical this year and features children from 27 states and four countries.

ChinaSprout's Gift Giving Program

ChinaSprout Gift Certificate 

ChinaSprout has experienced phenominal growth throughout the years because of the word-of-mouth about our company from dedicated customers like yourself. As a way to say thank you for your support, ChinaSprout is offering a 10% discount to you when you purchase a Gift Certificate for friends or family. For example, when you purchase a $50 gift certificate, you will receive $5 off of the certificate, $10 off for a $100 gift certificate. The gift certificate will retain its full value. Take advantage now! To learn more about ChinaSprout's Gift Certificates, click here.

Save up to 65% with our Annual Summer Sale

Cotton Mandarin Pajamas 

It's that time of the year again -- time to stock up on wonderful products from ChinaSprout. Now you can enjoy savings of up to 65% on cool items for the hot summer months. Check out our Annual Summer Sale where you will find a great selection of summer Apparel & Accessories for everyone, as well as Books, Home Decor, Arts and Crafts, Toys and Music .....



New Arrivals from China

Calligraphy Silk Journal
Silk Journal
 Mother & Daughter Joined By the Heart Silver Necklace


Rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it around your neck for all to see. Choose from one of our sentimental necklaces or pendants to let people know your true feelings. Compliment these lovely pieces with silver bracelets and CinnaBar earrings to complete the look. And, at the end of the day, you can store all of these items in one of our jewelry bags, keeping them safely tucked away until tomorrow.


 Silk Scarf -  Ancient Chinese Ladies

Silk Scarves...

ChinaSprout is pleased to have added some evocative new silk scarves to our inventory. These 100% silk scarves feature paintings of breathtaking scenery, classic settings, and colorful festivals. They are a wonderful compliment to any wardrobe and are sure to draw attention.



 Chopsticks & Fortune Flower Holder Gift Pack

Home Decor...

Give your home a distinctive Asian flair when you include some of our latest home decor items in your decorating scheme. ChinaSprout has designed gorgeous satin bedding that will make every bedroom feel that it was intended for Chinese royalty. Our newest Tianjin folk paintings and watercolor depict Chinese culture and village life. And, our chopsticks, pen holders, and journals, make lovely accent pieces for any home.

 21 Riddles to Solve For Fun


There are many new additions to our collection of children's books. Choose from board books and early readers, fun riddle books, or touching tales of life lessons. Many of these books are in English and traditional Chinese. To support your child's Chinese language learning, we also have added some fun items like placemats, picture books, and an interactive CD-ROM.

 Chinese Character Workbook

Popular Products are Back...

Our shelves are full again with popular home decor, arts & crafts, toys, books, music, and more. Do not miss out on your chance to purchase these highly anticipated items before they sell-out again!


Home Decor & Toys


Apparel & Accessories:


ChinaSprout's Rewards ProgramChinaSprout's Rewards Program

As a member of  ChinaSprout's Rewards Program, the more that you shop at ChinaSprout, the more you will save. Individual purchases began accumulating on April 1, 2004. Once you have reached $200 in purchases, you will automatically be enrolled in the ChinaSprout Rewards Program. You will receive an automatic 5% discount on all of your future purchases. After you reach $300 in purchasing, your discount increases to 10%. To find out how to save more on all of your ChinaSprout purchases, visit our Rewards page.


China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.

Wild On - China: Shanghai Surprise

Cindy Taylor visits China, where she visits the Great Wall and explores the country's hottest spots for partying.
Wed, August 11 at 3:00AM-4:00AM on E!TV - Entertainment TV

Beijing Bicycle (2001) (Shiqi sui de dan che)

After his bicycle is stolen, a Chinese delivery boy clashes with a student who bought the bike on the black market. Guei: Cui Lin. Jian: Li Bin. Qin: Zhou Xun. Xiao: Gao Yuanyuahn. Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai. (Click the title above to have a new window open to the Internet Movie Data Base entry for this movie)
Wed, August 11 at 3:15PM-5:15PM on IFC - Independent Film Channel

The Sand Pebbles (1966)

Multiple Oscar nominations went to this tale of a cynical sailor's experiences on an American gunboat in 1926 China.Director: Robert Wise Performers: Mako, Marayat Andriane, Richard Attenborough, Candice Bergen, Richard Crenna, Steve McQueen
Thu, August 12 at 5:20AM-8:20AM on ACTION

 More listings...

China in the News

Should We Try to Raise Wolves, or Stick to Sheep?

BEIJING, Aug. 4, (Xinhuanet) -- Do you want your kid to grow up to be a wolf or a lamb? That used to be an easy question because in Chinese culture, as in many others, the wolf symbolizes aggressiveness and cruelty while the lamb stands for obedience and geniality.

Get the whole story here 


The Jade of China, Alive With Meaning Yet Glossily Elusive

Jade is among the materials discussed. And at first glance, "superfluous" seems just the word for the preposterously exquisite jade objects, from scepters to table screens to paperweights, on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's reinstalled galleries for Chinese decorative arts.
Get the whole story here 


Chinese Exports, Marinated in India

DRY OR GRAVY? This is the fundamental question when ordering Chinese-Indian food, whether at the handful of new restaurants that serve it in Queens or at the seven-month-old Chinese Mirch on Lexington Avenue.

Get the whole story here 


Chinese Wisdom of the Week

 "One generation plants the trees under whose shade another generation rests." from 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom.


This proverb tells us that we should never forget the benefits that we enjoy as a result of previous generation's hard work. Similarly, we should remember that everything that we do today has a great impact on the future generations of tomorrow. Never forget to be thankful for what those who came before us have left and make sure that what you leave for the future provides equal benefit.


That’s it for this week.  Stay cool,  

Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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