ChinaSprout Frequent Shopper Rewards Program (FSP)

ChinaSprout is pleased to re-introduce our exciting rewards program for all of our customers. It works pretty similar to a frequent flyers program -- the more you shop at ChinaSprout, the higher your rewards will be.

We'll do all the work for you, while you reap the rewards! We will keep tracking every on-line order you place, beginning March 22, 2005, and will automatically notify you once you have reached a certain level. Purchases do not include shipping. Purchases are solely for the total of the merchandise before shipping costs.

Level 1: If your purchases have reached $200, you will receive a reward of 5% discount on all orders you place. But it gets even better!

Level 2: If you have reached $300.00 of purchases, we will take 10% off of all your orders!

All you have to do now is to make purchases online, and then we will automatically notify you when you reach the first or second level. To redeem your 5% or 10% rewards, we'll send you a special coupon code that you can use for every new order at ChinaSprout. Enjoy!

Here's the program at a quick glance:



$0 - $199.00

not eligible yet

$200.00 - $299.00

5% discount reward

$300.00 +

10% discount reward

Coupon is non-transferable. Order must be placed with a valid credit card (check orders don't count) and valid email address. Returns or exchanges will adjust the spending level accordingly. Offer does not apply to wholesale orders. This program is subject to change without further notice. Program will end August 1, 2005.