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Dear Friend,

The Moon Festival is upon us (September 28th), but it's not too late to get those last minute orders in. Whether you celebrate at home, attend a local festival, or share this cultural holiday with your child's classmates, you are certain to find just what you need on China Sprout's Moon Festival page. Be sure to also check out our new book, music, DVD/VDC, and other fun things to do outside of the classroom. Our accessory and home decor additions will ensure that both you and your home look good for the holiday and beyond.

Chinese Moon Cakes Are Here!Yummy Moon Cakes

This year's Moon Festival falls on September 28, 2004.  Order your last minute Moon Cakes before the bakery runs out of them! If you order after September 22nd and do not live on the  East Coast, we suggest that you use 2nd Day or Next Day Service in order to receive your moon cakes by September 28th. For the real last minute orders, please choose Next Day Air if you order by September 27th at 10am. All orders received after September 27th at 10am, may not be able to be delivered by September 28th.  If you live in FL, SC, NC, VA, MD, MN, IL, MI, Maine, MA, NH and order the moon cakes by September 22nd at 10am, you can choose Ground shipping and will receive the moon cakes by September 28th. If you live in NY, CT, and NJ, you can order the moon cakes by September 27th at 10am and choose Ground shipping, to receive the moon cakes by September 28th. You may still order the moon cakes after September 28th and we will ship you the packages, as long as the moon cakes are still available.   Order yours now!


FREE T-shirt Offer!China Dragon T-Shirt 

ChinaSprout is offering a special Free gift with your minimum purchase of $50 per order.  Adults can get a FREE zodiac T-shirt and children can get a Dragon T-shirt with any order over $50. Simply add the childrens T-shirt or adults T-shirt and enter coupon code 1095733887 on the shopping cart page, then hit 'Recalculate' and your FREE gift will be added to your cart! Don't miss out on your chance to receive free gift from ChinaSprout.

Save up to 65% with our Annual Summer Sale

Embroidered Pajamas 

It's that time of the year again -- time to stock up on wonderful products from ChinaSprout. Now you can enjoy savings of up to 65% on cool items for the hot summer months. Check out our Annual Summer Sale where you will find a great selection of summer Apparel & Accessories for everyone, as well as Books, Home Decor, Arts and Crafts, Toys and Music .....



FCC Calendar is Available!

ChinaSprout in Glamour Magazine! 

The 2005 "From China With Love" calendar is available now. Featuring adorable photos of girls and boys adopted from China, the proceeds from this calendar go to support Chinese children who remain in orphanages and Chinese Cultural Heritage learning opportunities for FCC-Indiana kids. Order the calendar now. Enjoy the discont to order two copies and more or a box of  25 copies.

New Arrivals from China

Flower Silk Blouse
     Red Thread Charms
 Pucca Bracelet


ChinaSprout's latest book additions offer hours of fun for both kids and adults. Use these books to spend family time cooking delicious Chinese meals or performing one of the world's oldest and most popular exercise, Tai Chi. Older children will enjoy learning about the ancient Chinese divination practice, I Ching, or about Chinese astology, with books made especially for them. And, we have added more wonderful books by the popular author, Jimmy, who continues to delight adult readers by coupling his insight into the human condition with child-like illustrations.


 Pucca Bracelet

Chinese Proficiency Test HSK Series..

HSK are the official standard test for Chinese language students to test their learning progress.  ChinaSprout is proud to add HSK materials, developed to support Chinese learners in their quest to master the language. Young and old will benefit from these simulated tests, exercises, audio cassettes, workbooks, and guides.


 Pucca Bracelet


Little girls and moms alike will love ChinaSprout's newest bags, purses, and jewelry boxes. These beautiful brocade and embroidery pieces are sure to liven up any outfit, whether it's mom's best party dress or daughter's favorite pair of overalls. The Red Thread Charm is a delightful gift for anyone with an Italian Charm bracelet and a red thread connection. And, the large Chinese Shuttlecock will provide hours of fun and exercise for kids and the young at heart.


 Good Luck Silver and Blue Stone Earrings

Folk Paintings...

Our latest shipment of original Tianjin folk paintings contains colorful depictions of
artists, shopkeepers, scenery, and a roomful of cotton tigers. These delightful pieces of folk
art will liven any space and bring a little piece of China into your home or office. 



 Teacher Thank You Card


If you like documentaries, then you'll love ChinaSprout's newest DVDs. From Beijing to Tibet, from Mao to Mozart, these insightful films document  the culture of China, its people, architecture, history, and music. Each documentary is beautifully filmed and you will enjoy watching them over and over again.


ChinaSprout's Rewards ProgramChinaSprout's Rewards Program

As a member of  ChinaSprout's Rewards Program, the more that you shop at ChinaSprout, the more you will save. Individual purchases began accumulating on April 1, 2004. Once you have reached $200 in purchases, you will automatically be enrolled in the ChinaSprout Rewards Program. You will receive an automatic 5% discount on all of your future purchases. After you reach $300 in purchasing, your discount increases to 10%. To find out how to save more on all of your ChinaSprout purchases, visit our Rewards page.


China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.


M. Butterfly

Deception marks the long affair of a French diplomat (Jeremy Irons) and his lover (John Lone) in 1960s China and Paris.
Friday September 24, 2004 02:00-03:45 on IFC - Independent Film Channel - Movie / Drama

Formula One Racing - Grand Prix of China, Practice

From Shanghai, China.
Friday September 24, 2004 02:00-03:00 on SPEED Channel - Sports

The Wedding Banquet - Hsi Yen (1993)

A gay Chinese man in New York makes plans to marry an immigrant woman to fool his traditionalist parents. Director: Ang Lee Performers: Winston Chao, May Chin, Ah-leh Gua, Mitchell Lichtenstein, Sihung Lung Rating R
Friday September 24, 2004 02:10-04:00 on LOVE - Movie / Comedy


 More listings... 

China in the News

China Pulls Up the Drawbridge

New York Times, September 19, 2004

FOR a while, it was looking like the Wild Wild East here. After essentially sealing the country off from foreign architects for much of the 20th century, the Chinese government kicked off the 21st by turning itself into the biggest single patron of avant-garde architecture in the world.

Read the full story here


A Better New York, Dumpling by Dumpling
New York Times, September 19, 2004

The dumpling shacks of Chinatown are, as their name might suggest, typically tiny odorous places. Interior design is not necessarily an option when a hearty order of your primary product (five pieces) costs only a dollar.

Read the full story here


Poet, Actress, Ad Executive

New York Times, September 19, 2004

BOTH of my parents were performers with the Peking Opera. They expected me to do the same, but I didn't like opera at all. I liked ballet. My parents started teaching me classical Chinese poetry at age 3. I always wanted to play alone; I had a very active imagination. 

Read the full story here


Beijing's Truly Bad Buildings

New York Times, September 19, 2004

THE construction boom that has been remaking Beijing has attracted famous architects from around the world. But the cityscape is hardly the stuff of a glossy design magazine.

Read the full story here


Moon Cakes Take on New Meaning


BEIJING, Sept. 21 (Xinhuanet) -- Moon cakes, the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival delicacy, have hit the market with a range to suit every pocket and taste and a guarantee of quality. This year, a rich variety of moon cakes can be found in the market. With more concern for health, some moon cake producers have turned away from...

Read the full story here

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

"If you drink with a bosom friend, a thousand cups are not enough; if you argue with someone, half a sentence is too much." from 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom.


This proverb tells us that mutual understanding is very important in human relationships. We should try to understand others and enjoy their company to the greatest extent, rather than letting petty misunderstandings get in the way of our relationships.


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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