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Dear Friend,

Halloween is next weekend. Make sure that you visit ChinaSprout's Halloween page to find ghoulishly fun things for your little Trick or Treaters. Choose from costumeslanterns, party favors, and more to make your Halloween a real scream. With even more holidays approaching, we decided to extend our Frequent Shopper's Program as a thank you to our best customers. Through November 15, you can save up to 10% on all of your ChinaSprout shopping when you become a member of our Frequent Shopper Program. Find out more by visiting the Frequent Shopper page. To further improve your ChinaSprout shopping experience, we have also added a "Wish List" function. Make sure your friends and family know what's on your list by sending it to them today!

ChinaSprout's Halloween Page is Up!Yummy Moon Cakes

ChinaSprout has a selection of Halloween products that will help you celebrate the holiday with howling good fun!  Check out our “spooktacular” products including our popular Monkey King costume, Chinese lantern flashlights, and goody bag items galore. Be sure to order today before our best stuff vanishes into thin air. 


ChinaSprout's Frequent Shopper Program Has Extended!China Dragon T-Shirt 

Take the advantage of this special Frequent Shopper program for your holiday shopping to save up to 10% of all your purchase. The offer will only last until November 15, 2004! As a member of this Program, the more that you shop at ChinaSprout, the more you will save. Individual purchases began accumulating on April 1, 2004. Once you have reached $200 in purchases, you will receive an automatic 5% discount on all of your future purchases. After you reach $300 in purchasing, your discount increases to 10%. To find out how to save more on all of your ChinaSprout purchases, visit our  Frequent Shopper page.


Save up to 30% for FCC Calender

ChinaSprout in Glamour Magazine! 

Do you know you can save up to 30% if you order 25 copies of this ever popular FCC "From China With Love" calendar ? Featuring adorable photos of girls and boys adopted from China, these calendars make great gifts for friends and family! The proceeds from this calendar go to support Chinese children who remain in orphanages and Chinese Cultural Heritage learning opportunities for FCC-Indiana kids. Order the calendar now. Single and multiple copies are also available.

New Arrivals from China

Flower Silk Blouse
     Calligraphy Mandarin Suits/Pajama
Blossom Fashion Watches
      Yi Xing Teapot Set
 Pucca Bracelet

Apparel and Accessories...

Put the kids in our comfy Mandarin Suits/pajamas in the evenings at home or dress them for a special event. Moms can dress up in our elegant Mandarin dress and enjoy a quiet evening out. For more casual days, use our handy butterfly change purse or stylish Chinese messenger bag to carry items big and small.


 Pucca Bracelet

Home Decor and Crafts...

Make every room or party special with home decor and party accents from ChinaSprout. Unique lanterns, beautiful oil paintings, and delicate Yi Xing Tea sets will make any moment or space memorable. Keep those special memories forever in one of our beautiful photo albums.


 Pucca Bracelet


Make Chinese learning fun for kids with one of our language books, audio cassettes, or flash cards. Little ones will also enjoy learning and playing along with our latest piano songbooks, which teach popular Chinese children's songs. Moms and kids alike will appreciate the true-to-life situation and discussion in "You're Not My REAL Mother"


 Good Luck Silver and Blue Stone Earrings


Our latest folk song collections, from all across China, celebrate the culture and diversity of this great country. Enjoy popular Chinese children's songs in with our latest children's music additions. The 12 Girls Band continues to be a best-seller. We recently added "Miracle" to meet the demands of our 12 Girls Band fans.  


 Chinese Character Workbook

Save up to 65% with our Annual Summer SaleEmbroidered Pyjamas


It's that time of the year again -- time to stock up on wonderful products from ChinaSprout. Now you can enjoy savings of up to 65% on cool items for the hot summer months. Check out our Annual Summer Sale where you will find a great selection of summer Apparel & Accessories for everyone, as well as Books, Home Decor, Arts and Crafts, Toys and Music .....


Send your Wish List to Family & Friends!

We're working hard to improve our customer experience on ChinaSprout's website. Many of our visitors have asked us for a way to email their Wish List to family & friends. As a result, we're now offering an improved Add to Wish List and Send feature on our website. Simply browse through your website as usual and notice the new Add to Wish List button next to the Add to Cart button. If you want to email you list to your friends & family, click on "My Wishlist" on top of the screen from where you can send your message. Note: you need to be registered to take advantage of this new service. Registration is FREE and takes only a few seconds. Start now and click on "My Wishlist"!

China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.


Aladdin - Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child

The tale of the legendary Arabian hero is told from the perspective of a poor Chinese boy.
Sunday October 24, 2004 14:00-14:30 on HBOFAM - HBO Family - Children's Show / Entertainment

Da wan (Big Shot's Funeral) (2001)

A renowned filmmaker (Donald Sutherland) befriends a cameraman (Ge You) and embraces Buddhism while making a movie in China. Adult Situations; Language; Brief Nudity (Click on the movie title above to open a new window to the Internet Movie Data Base page about this movie).
Sunday October 24, 2004 14:15-16:00 on HBOSIG - Movie / Comedy-Drama

Travel Cafe - Hong Kong: New Year Celebration

No Description Available (yet)
Monday October 25, 2004 13:30-14:00 on TRAVEL - The Travel Channel - Network Series / Travel

 More listings... 

China in the News

An Eye on China's Not So Rich and Famous

New York Times, October 17, 2004

Late one afternoon, in Beihai Park, Beijing's Central Park, I watched as several middle-age men, armed with six-foot brushes and buckets of water, practiced calligraphy on the pavement. One offered me his brush, and I discovered just how hard the revered craft truly is, especially on that scale.

Read the full story here


Disney Is Tailoring New Park to Fit Hong Kong Sensitivities
New York Times, October 13, 2004

The Walt Disney Company is taking a series of steps to address local cultural sensitivities as it prepares to open Hong Kong Disneyland a little more than a year from now, the company's president said here Tuesday night.

Read the full story here


China a blend of ancient and modern  

The Plain Dealer, October 17, 2004

My most lasting impression of China was not its ancient landmarks or vast population of 1.3 billion people, but the unexpected presence of modern architecture and technology.

Read the full story here


Rural China is booming too, easing fears of strife

San Francisco Chronicle, October 15, 2004

The economic boom transforming urban China is also bringing prosperity to swaths of the countryside, blunting concerns over rising rural discontent. The evidence is clear even here in a single district in southwestern China's Guizhou province, one of the country's poorest.

Read the full story here


Chinese Wisdom of the Week

"A clear conscience sleeps even through thunder."

This proverb is a reminder that so long as one never harms others, there is no need to fear any attack on one's integrity.

From 100 Pearls of Chinese Wisdom.


May you sleep soundly through life's thunder storms.


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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