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Dear Friend,

The Year of the Rooster is almost here. Whether you are commemorating this auspicious holiday with a party or quietly enjoying the time with friends, ChinaSprout has everything you need to make your celebration complete. Choose from decorative lanterns, couplets, and wall hangings for your home, beautiful traditional dresses and suits for New Years festivities, and lovely New Years cards and red envelopes to spread well-wishes to friends and family. ChinaSprout is also offering FREE red envelopes to customers who place orders of $50.00 or more.  With Valentine's Day following just behind New Year's, be sure to visit our Valentine's Page for thoughtful and authentic Chinese gifts for your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day Page

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate we have prepared a Valentine's page filled with great gift ideas for all of the special someones in your life. Whether you are looking for a sentimental tale of love and family to read to a precious child, dazzling silver or gold jewelry for her, or decorations adorned with the character for love, you are sure to find the perfect gift at ChinaSprout!  Come and see some of our special favorites, which we have put together just for you! If you want to do a quick search for Valentine's Day gifts, you can find them right here.



FREE Red Envleopes!!!Gifts Under $50 and $100

Get ready for the Year of the Rooster with products from and receive FREE Red Envelopes when your order totals $50.00 or more. This offer is valid from January 25th through February 9th on orders with a $50.00 minimum purchase. Simply enter this special coupon code: 1106626601 while on the shopping cart page, then hit 'Recalculate' and your FREE gift will be added to your cart! Don't forget to check out our Chinese New Year Page to shop for your New Years celebration products now! This offer is good while supplies last.

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day E-cardsGifts Under $50 and $100

Just in time for the Chinese New Year, we've designed a new set of Chinese New Year cards! These beautiful cards are free and you can send them to as many friends and family members as you like. Best of all, they count towards our popular Friends & Family Referral Program! Should any of the recipients of your E-card buy something at ChinaSprout, you will automatically receive a 10% coupon (restrictions apply, see here for more).   

New Products

 Rooster Lantern

Year of Rooster Wall Hanging

Girl's Mask

One Day in Ping Wei

Apparel and Accessories…

Whether celebrating the New Year or sharing a special evening with your valentine, be sure to have one of ChinaSprout's newest handbags on your arm. For the littlest ladies, ChinaSprout has fanciful Princess and Panda purses, which will bring hours of playtime fun. Our latest Chinese T-shirt additions make great gifts for anyone who holds your heart.  And, to keep your special memories forever, record them in one of our Dragon journals or Double Happiness photo albums.  


Home and New Year Decor…

It's not too late to get those last minute Chinese New Year decorations for your home or party. ChinaSprout has many wonderful New Years lanterns, wall hangings, paper cuts, and wrapping paper to create a festive holiday atmosphere. Kids can get into the fun, as well, with our fanciful New Years Masks.


Visit these pages for more Chinese New Year home decor such as Wall Hangings, Couplets, Lanterns, Firecrackers


Language Books…

We continue to expand our selection of Chinese language textbooks and workbooks from popular series, such as China Panorama and New Century Chinese. Gain an appreciation for the historical importance of the written word and perception with the fascinating "Reading China and the World Through Newspaper".  And, be sure to check out one of our favorite language learners for kids, the "My First Chinese Reader" series.


Books and CD-Roms…

Welcome the Year of the Rooster with a promise to learn more about China and Chinese culture. ChinaSprout can help with wonderful new books and CD-ROMs, which explore the stories, geography, people, language, and festivals of this fascinating country. You and your child will want to spend hours learning about ancient proverbs, fables, and festivals, exploring what life is like for a young girl in China, and  perfecting your Chinese language skills,


Popular Chinese New Year Products…

Here at ChinaSprout, you will find everything you need to celebrate the New Year, just as millions do in China. Whether you are looking for decorations, cards, lanterns, lion dance costumes, red envelopes, or gifts, you will find it on our site. We are featuring some of our most popular products below to help get you started toward a festive New Year celebration.

To see more Chinese New Year products, visit our Chinese New Year page.


Popular Items Back In Stock…


Home Decor





Music and Video

China in the News

One Beijing museum leaps into the digital, global future

China Daily
January 11, 2005
First-time visitors to the Millennium Art Museum's new underground art centre might be startled as the framed "still-lifes" around them start magically moving - as if in Harry Potter books - speaking, or even changing places with other artworks metres or museums away.

Get the whole story here

Beijing prepares for Spring Festival passenger rush

China Economic Net, January 23, 2005
Beijing's transportation departments are ready to handle hundreds of millions of people rushing home for a family reunion during the coming Spring Festival, or China's Lunar New Year, which will fall on Feb. 9 this year.

Get the whole story here

Shanghai women in focus

China Economic Net, January 22, 2005
"Shanghai women" is a term that is perhaps most envied by women who aren't lucky enough to live in the city. And some of the pictures in a photo exhibition at Salon Vogue in Citic Square illustrate this by zooming in on a group of Shanghai women going about their daily lives.

Get the whole story here

China TV

The China Related TV list is compiled weekly by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan. Kirby, an adoptive parent of three Chinese girls, has one of the most comprehensive TV listings of programs on China and from China that are in the English language.

Eat Drink Man Woman (Yin shi nan nu) (1994)

A master chef hides his concerns about his three daughters by immersing himself in the preparation of sumptuous feasts. Director: Ang Lee Performers: Sylvia Chang, Ah-Leh Gua, Sihung Lung, Yu-Wen Wang, Chien-Lien Wu, Kuei-Mei Yang
Monday January 31, 2005 12:30am-3:00am on OXYGEN - Movie / Drama

China: The Dragon's Ascent - Feast or Famine

Join us for a look at China, as told by the Chinese--a history of their nation through every level of society--a picture never before seen by outsiders. Crafted over five years, our series represents an unique collaboration between filmmakers, the Needham Institute at Cambridge University, and the Chines Academy of Sciences. In this episode, we see how China tries to feed 20% of the world's population from just 7% of the globe's available arable land. China's landscape is the most engineered in the world; so, is the Three Gorges Dam an unnecessary fiasco, or is it a key part of a master plan to feeding China's millions in the future?
Monday January 31, 2005 4:00am-5:00am on HIST - The History Channel - History

China: The Dragon's Ascent - Family Values

China's controversial one-child policy fundamentally changed the Chinese. Why was the policy imposed on a society whose very foundations were built on the family? Historically, the family has been China's built-in social-security system. The traditional extended family, with its filial reverence for those older and wiser, underpinned China's stability and equanimity. Are modern pressures now fracturing these foundations? Family values are what have held Chinese society together since the first settled villages were built, long before recorded history. The traditional extended family, with all its secure connectivity, is still very much alive in China. These values are followed in both rural and urban communities. But modern life, and the one-child policy, have put these fundamental values under great strain.
Tuesday February 01, 2005 4:00am-5:00am on HIST - The History Channel - History

More listings... 

Chinese Wisdom of the Week

 "Pulling Up Seedlings to Help Them Grow" is a Chinese idiom, which tells the story of a farmer from the Spring and Autumn Period. He thought that his rice shoots were growing too slowly, so he decided to help them by pulling them. At dusk, he returned to his home, very tired from his work and announced to his family "I helped the rice shoots grow today." Upon hearing this, his son raced out to the field dispaired to find that all of the plants had withered. This idiom is used to refer to spoiling things as a result of being over-anxious for results and ignoring the law of nature. From 100 Common Chinese Idioms and Set Phrases.


We should always remember to be patient and let nature take its course, as it has done for centuries. Being too hurried for results can lead to the withering of our reward.


Your Friends,

The ChinaSprout Team

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