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Long and Lovely DYU026


Our "Long and Lovely" Yue-Sai Wa Wa is dressed in a traditional Chinese dress with pink and turquoise trim. Her "Qi Pao" is slit up to her thigh on both sides, making her look both elegant and alluring. Most important, Yue-Sai Wa Wa's long and shiny black hair extends to her feet, providing both you and her with countless fun hours of brushing and styling. Her additional hair accessories like the Phoenix hair brush, braided hair extensions and hair clips with brightly colored ribbons ensure that you can create multiple ways to make "Long and Lovely" beautiful for any event! Plus, her bonus floral hair clips in her Chinese silk carrying case can be worn by you, transforming you into a "Long and Lovely" Wa Wa yourself! 

12.7'' Tall, Box Size: 13'' x 7 '' x 2.5''

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