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Wooden Puzzle - Quadrangle Courtyard House in Beijing ADS084


You and your child will enjoy making your own Chinese quadrangle courtyard or Squareyard (Si He Yuan) with these thousands pieces of puzzles. A Si He Yuan is a classical architecture style of residential housing of Beijing dating from the Ming Dynasty. A single implementation of Si He Yuan is comprised of a garden surrounded by four houses and protected by high walls. This exquisite box set of five separate wooden puzzle kits make up an entire Chinese quadrangle courtyard home. Each kit contains the separate implements that make up main door, main rooms, surrounding high walls, the "tassel door" (the most decorated door in the home), and the Eastern and Western courtyard bedrooms. The package includes the kit, detailed picture instructions to make the yard, a battery box and materials to decorate lanterns. Elaborate and elegant, this lovely kit makes a wonderful gift for your family or friends. Lots of fun for kids and adults alike when they see their great building accomplishment. Visit this link for more information about the Chinese courtyard.

Wood, Box Size: 15.1" x 9.35" x 6.25", Instruction Sheet, Battery Box, Lantern Decoration Material
Item: Wooden Puzzle - Quadrangle Courtyard House in Beijing
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